I-94 Crash: 30 Car Pile-up Shuts Down Highway From Milwaukee to Chicago

A crash on I-94 quickly escalated to at least 30 cars, and shut down the highway from Milwaukee to Chicago on Sunday.

The crash came amid snow falling in the area and across a fairly large portion of the United States. The highway is no longer shut down; it was completely shut down earlier. It has re-opened in Milwaukee County, the county sheriff’s office said. The highway has also re-opened in Illinois, according to traffic cameras and state agencies.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said earlier that all lanes were blocked on I-94 eastbound. Traffic cameras showed some of the crash, as well as parts of I-94 that looked completely empty, probably because the blocked traffic.

Pictures of the scene shared by Dan Emmons on Twitter from a friend on Facebook who was involved in the crash show multiple vehicles severely wrecked, including a car flattened by an 18-wheeler, and two other cars with damaged engines.

Milwaukee is about 92 miles north of Chicago, and it usually takes one hour and 38 minutes to drive from one to the other.

Other roads in Wisconsin, including I-894 eastbound, have been blocked at times today from crashes. I-894 has been cleared.

At least 50 people were injured in the I-94 wreck, reported WITI. Wheaton Franciscan Hospital in Franklin has received 23 patients, while 27 others were taken to Wheaton Franciscan All Saints Hospital in Racine.

A spokesperson for All Saints Hospital said that most of the injuries were minor. 

Jenna Gaffney, who was involved in the crash, said that “it was the scariest moment of my life.”

“I thought we were going to die for sure! It’s bad. It’s really bad! A semi cut over and cut me off and I couldn’t brake and started losing control,” she said. “I hit the semi — clipped it, and got a dent. Knocked my mirror off. Then we lost control in the left lane and spun and hit the wall, so my other tire is crooked and can’t go anywhere.”

At one point, buses were dispatched to help rescue stranded motorists on the highway, according to meteorologist Mike Hamernik.

The Illinois Department of Transportation said that it has hundreds of crews out working to clear the roads. “Please build extra time into your trip and give plows plenty of room,” it said.

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