Hydrogen, Driving the Future

Hydrox holding may have unlocked the secret to cheap clean renewable energy
By Jeffrey Thompson, Epoch Times
January 15, 2014 Updated: January 17, 2014

Fill up a tank with some water, flip the switch, and within minutes you have created enough hydrogen energy to power your vehicle, house, and any other peripheral devices for days to come.

Hydrox Holdings, a company out of South Africa, has reinvented the way hydrogen fuel is developed, and if it has its way, its new invention will create a world without power cables stretching over vast distances.  Instead, we will have power on demand.

Hydrox Holdings’ process differs from conventional hydrogen fuel cell technology in that they have done away with the membrane. 

“There is no membrane, the resistance is gone. The big thing is the cost of the membrane, they are made from noble metals that have inherent problems, like clogging, they don’t last long and cannot take high heat,” said Corrie Dejager, Hydrox Holding’s founder and an attorney by profession.

With one of these devices, one will be able to create hydrogen on demand.  There will be no need for vast pipe lines, or other transporting mechanism since you can create hydrogen where it is needed.

Dejager envisions a world where every household has one of these devices.

“It must be inexpensive, less than $5,000 US, and you make your own hydrogen.  You don’t have to go to a filling station.  This will open up the hydrogen era,” said Dejager.

The next step for Hydrox Holdings is to find a company that can take it to the next level and commercialize the technology.


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*Image of a hydrogen refueling station via Shutterstock