Hunter Makes a Pit Stop at McDonald’s Still Carrying His Kill

April 24, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

A New Zealand man surprised McDonald’s staff when he made a drive-thru order carrying the body of a wild animal he had just killed.

Tehanairo Tetawhero, 21, had just finished hunting a deer with friends on April 20 when he decided he should “finish the night with a bang,” Newshub reported.

Tetawhero visited the McDonald’s restaurant in Taumarunui, about 175 miles south of Auckland. He lifted the dead animal onto his shoulders and casually walked up to the intercom to place his order.

“Can I please get a cheese burger, and a double McChicken, and can I please get a McChicken with fries?” he said as his friends, who were behind him in a car filming the video, began hysterically laughing.

Getting the free maccas 😂 Tehanairo Tetawhero

Posted by Blake Horton on Saturday, April 20, 2019

Tetawhero finished his order and walked around the other side still carrying the deer.

“[The McDonald’s employee] was in shock really—she didn’t really know what to say, ’cause the deer head was just hanging down right in front of the window,'” he told Newshub.

He also claimed the McDonald’s staff gave him a special discount for showing his catch.

“Roger bro ha ha [I] even got a discount ha ha,” Tetawhero said in a Facebook comment on the video dated April 21.

The video was played more than 146,000 times, shared nearly 1,200 times, and liked almost 800 times at the time of publication.

The prankster had no idea the video would go viral and spread around the world.

“I just thought it was gonna be a laugh for the town,” he said.

After inspecting the near 400 comments on his video post, several of the 5,000 locals who call Taumarunui home have seen the video.

“Tehanairo Tetawhero, [at] least you keeping fit lol not sure about the order,” John Leach said.

“John Leach, ha ha got to to catch the pigs back here,” Tetawhero responded.

Some of the comments reveal the video was originally made private but was then made public due to popular demand.

“Make public so we can share for the world,” Cheyne Hunapo said.

“Take it off private so we can share it around,” Nelly Ruki said.

One viewer was not very impressed by Tetawhero’s sense of humor and recognized he needed to eat.

“It’s not even funny,” Leanne Metekingi said. “The mean kai [deer] on his back [is] better than Maccas but I guess everyone’s gotta eat, especially if your walking with a beast on your back.”

Hahaha! if anyone has a link to the original share it in the comments, this guy needs to get props for this laugh!

Posted by NZBlokes on Tuesday, April 23, 2019