Human Rights Lawyer Summoned for Exposing Inside Stories

By Li Zheng, Epoch Times
December 21, 2007 Updated: December 21, 2007

Following his interview with The Epoch Times on Dec 13th, Shanghai human rights lawyer, Zheng Enchong was summoned and held in custody for seven hours in the afternoon of December 17, apparently for disclosing the inside stories of Shanghai's richest man, Zhou Zhengyi's land embezzlement scandal.

Zheng told The Epoch Times on Dec. 13 that Jiang Zemin's two sons were involved in the embezzlement case of Shanghai's richest man Zhou Zhengyi. This trial is said to be a reflection of the power struggle between the regime's current leader Hu Jintao and former leader Jiang Zemin. Afterwards, Hong Kong resident Shen Ting, published a new book to expose the inside stories of Zhou Zhengyi's trial on Dec. 14. Shen is a long time activist opposing illegal land acquisition in Shanghai. Consequently, Zheng was summoned by the police on the 17th.

Jiang Zemin Furious, Demanded Source of Reports

Zheng revealed during the Epoch Times interview on Dec. 13 that according to reliable information he obtained from three high level officials and officials from the Shanghai Municipal General Office, two parcels of land out of the eight allegedly embezzled by Zhou belonged to the companies of Jiang's two sons, Jiang Mianheng and Jiang MianKang. The Epoch Times obtained information from a Beijing source that when Jiang Zemin learnt of the matter, he was so furious that he hit the table and insisted on knowing who had given the information.

Meanwhile, Shen Ting held a news conference in Hong Kong on the 14th to announce her new book titled Who Detonated the Zhou Zhengyi Case: A Documentary on how Shen Ting and Zheng Enchong challenged the Shanghai clique. She spent ten months writing this book which she contains many evidence of the crimes Zhou committed and recorded her appeals as well as the persecution she suffered from Shanghai officials.

Jin Zhong, the publisher of Shen's book and editor-in-chief of Hong Kong's Open Magazine said during an interview with The Epoch Times that people from Beijing and Shanghai went to Hong Kong to buy the book. The first edition of this book is selling quite well. They have made plans to publish a second edition.

Zheng Enchong Held in Custody for Seven Hours

On the 17th afternoon, lawyer Zheng was summoned and held in custody for seven hours. This was the eleventh time that Zheng has been summoned by the Shanghai authorities since this August.

Zheng said on the 18th when interviewed by The Epoch Times that at 17:25 on the 17th, police from Zhabei District, Shanghai summoned him under the pretext of so-called financial investigation and he was released only at 0:14 on the 18th. During this period he was left alone for about 6 hours. They asked some questions and took down notes for only 15 minutes. The detention was just a show. An officer, Shi Jinrong, reprimanded him loudly, while another called Wang Jun said to him, “You always appear on the Internet. Every time you are on the Internet, I'll summon you.”

Zheng speculated that the Shanghai clique is exerting pressure on him by summoning him for his recent articles published on the Internet. Zheng said, “Recently, I exposed that Jiang Zemin's two sons were involved in the embezzlement trial of Zhou. I guess the [summons] is the response made by the leaders in Shanghai. They have no other tactics.”

Zheng recalled that on the day of the summons, an American reporter was planning to interview him. Shen Ting called him to discuss about the interview. After Zheng hung up the phone, the police went to his home to summon him. He analyzed that the Shanghai clique wants to prevent him from being interviewed by media in case he exposes more inside stories.

As to the rumour that Jiang was angered and ordered an investigation into who leaked the information, Zheng said that he's not afraid. “I have nothing to be worried about. It will be good if Jiang steps out to clarify the embezzlement of the eight parcels of land by himself.”