Hulk Hogan Dies? Nope, ‘RIP Hulk Hogan’ Death Hoax Trends

Hulk Hogan, the wrestling legend, hasn’t died, but Twitter users are spreading a rumor saying otherwise.

On Saturday, “#RIPHulkHogan” was trending.

There’s been no confirmation or credible reports that the 60-year-old wrestler died.

“I guess hulk hogan will never hulk hogain #RIPHulkHogan,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“You #RIPHulkHogan jerks scared me so bad. Stop doing that! Let’s go back to #RIPBieber or something else universally hoped for,” added another.

Reports on Friday said that Hogan recently killed his daughter’s marriage to Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa.

“I love the Dallas Cowboys, been a fan forever. But, my daughter was engaged to one of those guys and he didn’t walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. I put a bullet in that really quick. There was no way my daughter was going to marry somebody that I don’t like that got me mad, or has got in my face,” Hogan reportedly said, according to CageSide Seats.

Hogan also said that John Cena is “the man” right now.

“Well Brock [Lesnar] is a phenom. His credibility is over the top, but you got to realize John Cena is the man. He’s the foundation of the whole company. He’s the guy that they bet on and his attitude is he loves the company. He loves being on the road, he’s got wrestling in his blood. And for him to be so graceful when he’s tired and there’s no sleep, no food and these Make-A-Wish kids come to him even for 5 minutes, he’ll spend a whole day with them,” he said, according to Wrestling Inc.