Huge, Unexplained Hole Smoothly Cut in Washington Field—and 3 Other Bizarre Events

July 9, 2015 Updated: July 9, 2015

Let’s take a look at a few, out of many, enigmatic events that have occurred around the world in recent history. 

A Giant Cookie-Cutter Descends on Washington State?

In October 1984, Rick Timm made a strange discovery while turning his cows out on wheat field stubble in Wenatchee, in north-central Washington State. An Associated Press article from 1989 reviewed the still unexplained discovery: “Somehow, a force bit a 10-by-7-by-2-foot chunk of dirt out of a wheat field on the Timm Brothers Ranch, rotated it counterclockwise 20 degrees as it arced across the field and sat it down intact. Geologists marveled at the hole’s smooth sides and bottom, and the way the plug 73 feet away fit its measurements exactly, just like a cookie cutter.”

Various experts considered and ruled out explanations such as a tornado ripping a chunk of earth up or some seismic event displacing. The most perplexing part was how smooth the sides were. No evidence of machinery approaching the site could be discerned. Some speculated that nearby Air Force bases may have been responsible— the classic “military experiment” explanation. 

As often happens, this explanation was accompanied by the idea it may have been aliens. Timm told AP that a man who worked on the property for 30 years, “said a light followed him all around the field that night, and he doesn’t drink or do anything.” 

Timm also said that 20 years earlier, in the same area, “Another really reputable couple said a light came off the hill at ground level and followed the contours of the ground really fast across the valley, over Big Goose Lake and disappeared over the mountains.”

Not the Car They Were Looking For …

Police in Surrey, England, received a report from members of the public saying they thought they saw what looked like a car veering off the road on a December night in 2002. It seemed from the movement of the headlights, that the car lost control and crashed about 100 yards from an exit ramp on the A3 highway. 

The police searched the area for a wreck, and they found one—but it was about five months old. The remains of a young man, the driver, were found decomposed in the car. Police confirmed with the deceased man’s family that he had gone missing in July that year. 

No evidence of a more recent collision was found at the site. Some wondered whether the witnesses had seen some paranormal sign of the earlier crash to help guide police to the wreck, which was hidden by undergrowth some ways off the road. 

Sergeant Russ Greenhouse said, according to the Daily Mail: “The car was discovered as a result of a report from members of the public who thought they saw a car’s headlights veering off the road. The officers could not identify that collision but they had the presence of mind to search on foot and they found this car.”

How Did That Get Up There?

In 1997, a turkey farmer came across a 400-pound boulder stuck 40 feet up in an oak tree in Indiana’s Yellowwood Forest. The rock became known as Gobbler’s Rock, named for it’s discoverer’s profession, and it remained inexplicably wedged in it’s strange location until the tree fell in 2006

How did a 400-pound boulder get wedged 40 feet high in a tree? (Elizabeth Nicodemus/Flickr)
How did a 400-pound boulder get wedged 40 feet high in a tree? (Elizabeth Nicodemus/Flickr)

John Winne, Yellowwood’s assistant property manager told Dick Wolfsie, author of the book “Indiana Curiosities”: “My theory is that a logging operation used a skidder [a large bulldozer] and hauled the rock up there.”

Another property manager told Wolfsie he believes that a local climbing club used a block and tackle to hoist the boulder into place so it could be used for rappelling.

Laura Buxton, Meet Laura Buxton

A 9-year-old girl named Laura Buxton in Staffordshire, England, attended her grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary in June 2001. On a helium balloon, she wrote her name and address and a message asking anyone who finds the balloon to write to her. The balloon found its way to another little girl named Laura Buxton about 140 miles away. This girl followed the instructions and contacted the other Laura Buxton. 

The two girls were only a few months apart in age, had similar physical features, both had 3-year-old black Labrador dogs, and each had a guinea pig and rabbit. Though each similarity between them isn’t so remarkable on its own, since many of these attributes would not be unusual in this limited geographic scope, the way they all added up together was surprising. They’ve been featured in documentaries and media reports over the years, including an appearance on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

Whatever the chances of their coincidence, what’s important to the two girls is that they developed a friendship that has lasted to this day. 

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