‘Huge Plane Crashes into Bridge’ is a Facebook Survey Scam; There’s no Video

There’s a Facebook scam going around saying that a “HUGE PLANE CRASHES INTO BRIDGE!” but it’s advised not to click on it.

“Huge plane crashes into a bridge, watch this terrible accident! 18+ only!” it later reads.

It features an image of a plane smashing into the bridge–complete with smoke and fire. There’s also what appears to be a person falling off the side. However, this image looks to have been lifted from digital artist Steve McGhee, and it was doctored to add the person. 

There’s no video and it just links to Facebook survey spam

Tens of thousands of people have shared it because it prompts the user to share it before accessing it.

It’s not recommended to click on it as it just sends the user to a fake Facebook page. It then asks the user to verify their age and displays online surveys that seek to collect your personal information so the scammers can make money. This can be problematic, as the scammers can then use your personal information maliciously.

“The online surveys promise enormous prizes and generous offers, but the scammers are earning commission for every person they manage to drive towards them,” writes Graham Cluley, a security expert, on his website. “If you enter your personal information you may find yourself bombarded with unwanted offers and spammy messages, or have your mobile phone number signed up for a premium rate SMS service.”

He added: “In other examples we have also seen malware and adware installed via this tactic of duping thousands of Facebook users into visiting a webpage.”

This is one of many survey scams that have proliferated on Facebook in recent months. Others include a hoax about the singer Rihanna dying, about the world’s largest snake being found in Brazil, and another that claims to have footage of a man getting eaten by a shark in the ocean.