Huge Pipe Crushes Van on Florida Highway, Driver Survives

July 17, 2017 Updated: July 17, 2017

A Florida man’s car was smashed by a large pipe as he was driving on an interstate—and somehow, he survived.

As Jesus Armando Escobar, 36, was driving, a truck on an overpass above I-4 lost a large pipe it was carrying. It then fell on the roof of his car.

The force of the impact crushed the driver side roof of the vehicle he was in, Florida Today reported.

Escobar walked away with only minor injuries.

(Florida Highway Patrol)
(Florida Highway Patrol)


“This will take time to clean up. Please have patience. Luckily all involved have minor injuries,” according to the Florida Highway Patrol’s Orlando division.

The driver of the truck, Antonio Santiago Wharton, was ticked for careless driving.