Hu Jintao Will be Challenged by Disgruntled Chinese on US Trip

January 9, 2011 Updated: January 11, 2011

A Chinese victim of forced housing demolition and his son, a U.S. Citizen, plan to publicly challenge Chinese Communist Party leader Hu Jintao about their mistreatment in China when he comes to the U.S. on Jan. 19.

Wang Yongli from Shaoguan in southern China's Guangdong province is currently in the U.S visiting his son, Wang Dongyan. The Wang family used to own a four story house in downtown Shaoguan City, which was close to tourism attractions and was approved for both residential and commercial use.

Without family consent, local authorities forcefully demolished their house in August 2009. “The local authorities have too much power. They'll flatten your house because it is in a good location, they will only compensate you with a cheap price, and they even said it is treating you well. It isn't any different from robbery,” Wang Dongyan said.

They plan to camp outside the Chinese Embassy in Washington starting from Jan. 10, and wait for Hu’s arrival on Jan. 19.

Their concerns reflect longstanding and growing discontent against the regime, shared by an increasing number of Chinese, about demolitions of houses carried out by local governments across the country. Party cadres, working hand in glove with large developers and hired thugs, demolish houses to make way for new residential developments. Money obtained from real estate is one of the primary sources of income—both legitimate and illegitimate—for local Party officials.

Often, the compensation offered to residents for the demolitions is far less than would be required to shift residences, is sometimes partly embezzled, and sometimes withheld entirely. In protest, desperate Chinese have been driven to immolating themselves atop their houses, or banding together and taking up arms against the wrecking crews which, alongside standard demolition equipment, often include a complement of gangster-types who are not averse to violence themselves.

The son told The Epoch Times, “If I meet Hu, firstly, I want to tell him how my parent's house in Shaoguan was forcefully demolished; secondly, I want to warn him that if things continue like this, then every Chinese person will want to leave China.”

According to the father, local officials sent over 200 people to demolish the house when he was away. Both his wife and his eighty-year-old mother were so shocked from the incident that they’re still recovering.

The father's visa has now expired, and he is afraid that if he goes back home local Party officials will monitor him, or even arrest him to hinder his appeal efforts. He feels that he has no choice but stay on in the U.S. and appeal directly to the Party leader.

“If things cannot be solved this time, I won’t exclude the possibility of camping long term outside the Chinese embassy,” said the father.

The father and son have published a book about their experiences titled “Shaoguan Force Demolition.” They plan to give Hu Jintao a copy when he comes.

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