HSR Classic 12 Hour at Sebring Gallery Four

By Chris Jasurek
Chris Jasurek
Chris Jasurek
December 12, 2016 Updated: December 12, 2016

SEBRING, Fla.—Classic competition cars, WWII vehicles and airplanes came together at Sebring International Raceway to celebrate power and speed at the Historic Sportscar Racing Classic 12 Hour at Sebring, Pistons and Props Dec. 1-4, 2016.

Classic sports car, historic sports racers, turn-of-the-century prototypes, and even NASCAR stock cars turned out for the for the four-day event.

This could be Toby Bean in the #84 DeKon Monza. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)
This could be Toby Bean in the #84 DeKon Monza. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

When Travis Engen wasn’t blasting around the course in his Audi R8, he was doing it in his.1962 Lotus 23b. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

The #8 1975 three-liter March 75S of Marc Devis and Robert Blain finished fifth in Group B. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Hunter and Hamilton Harris drove their 2000 Lola B2K/40S to second place in Group C/D. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Mac McGehee and Cory Friedman’s 2010 Porsche 997.2 Cup finished second in class E-6 and seventh overall in Group E. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Mark Ashworth finished first in Class A7 in his #185 1963 MGB. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Dave Roberts took third in class A-3 in his #57 1956 Chevy Corvette. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Gerard Lopez brought this rare and beautiful 1992 Toyota 94C-V, with a turbocharged 3.6-liter V8 engine. It was the only FIA Group C car to attend the event. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Another odd matchup: Ken Marlin and Peter Argetsinger’s #15 2000 Ferrari 360 tries to cut under Steven Cohen and Ray Snowdon’s #5 1995 Olds Aurora GTS in Turn Ten. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Jerry Peters finished third in Group B and second in class B-3 in his potent 1974 Porsche 914/6 GT. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Maurizio and Marco Micangeli and Mauro Borella's #3 1972 De Tomaso Pantera leads Gilles Boyer and Frank Rave's 1973 Porsche 911 RS. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)
Maurizio and Marco Micangeli and Mauro Borella’s #3 1972 De Tomaso Pantera leads Gilles Boyer and Frank Rave’s 1973 Porsche 911 RS. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Jake Auerbach and Bradley Price drove this battered and patched #04 1961 Sunbeam Alpine LeMans to third in class E-6. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Mac McCombs rounds Turn 17 in his 1969/09 SPF Ford GT40. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Dick York David Russell finished fourth overall and first in class B-2 in the #42 1973 BMW CSL. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Theo Ruijgh finished third in Group C/D and first in class in his 2000 Porsche 996 GT3R. (Chris Jasurek/Epoch Times)

Chris Jasurek