How Trump Can Get the Wall and Force Democrats to Agree

January 17, 2019 Updated: January 17, 2019


It’s difficult to understand how or why anyone takes Democrats seriously anymore. Why does Fox invite Democrats on to share their “opinion” on any issue? They don’t have one.

What they have is a narrative—already planned out, and dictated to them by the powers that be—to parrot over and over again, some perhaps more cleverly than others, but with little variation. Today, the prevailing narrative is “there is no crisis at the border.”

There is a crisis at the border. That is indisputable. We are seeing it every day. I have written about it here, and new facts and figures have been added. As the president said in his address to the nation, 4,000 people have been killed, and 30,000 sex crimes and 100,000 assaults have been committed by illegal aliens in the past two years alone.

Over the years, tens of thousands have been killed by illegals. More have been raped. Drug overdoses have claimed more lives in a year than died in the Vietnam War—almost all from drugs trafficked across the southern border. And the effect of this violence isn’t limited to Americans.

But that’s just scratching the surface. The Border Patrol engages in gun battles with cartel members at the border all the time, with 127 Border Patrol agents killed in the line of duty, according to former President Barack Obama’s Border Patrol chief, Mark Morgan. Morgan agrees that there’s a crisis and the wall is essential, as does practically every other Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or Customs and Border Protection officer who’s been asked about it.

People who live and work near the border must contend with criminal illegals, coyotes, and other dangerous traffickers every day. The illegal immigrants themselves suffer horribly at the hands of human traffickers, and sometimes die in the wilderness, but are incentivized to seek the border because Congress refuses to do its job and close the border. But who are you going to believe: Democrats or your own lying eyes?

We have to be honest. Democrats couldn’t care less about Americans dying as a result of illegal immigration, never mind all the other problems that illegal immigrants create. Democrats have shown this over and over. They supported wall funding at an earlier time, but only because they were confident a wall wouldn’t actually be built.

And they were right. They claim to want “border security,” in the form of “technology,” but we already have drones, surveillance cameras, and all the other equipment they claim works. It doesn’t, because it doesn’t prevent people from crossing the border. That’s the key.

The reason they oppose a wall this time is that they know President Donald Trump will deliver. Only a wall will prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border. As we have seen, this is all that matters, because once across, they can apply for asylum. It takes an average of around 700 days to get a court hearing, and in the meantime, illegal aliens remain in the United States; about 30 to 40 percent never show up for the hearing and just join the growing ranks of illegals in the United States.

Illegal alien minors from Central America must, by law, be housed, and those who don’t have criminal records are resettled in communities across the United States. They eventually gain legal permanent resident (LPR) status and then can apply for their relatives (chain migration). That is why we have seen a flood of minors, all instigated by the left. Only 12 percent of the more than 1 million LPRs in 2017 came for employment reasons. Most of the rest were for family reunification.

Democrats whisper among themselves that demographics is destiny. And it is true. Both California and Texas are minority-majority states now, and the numbers should give one pause. The underhanded game that Democrats have been playing with immigration is to import hordes of poor, needy populations, who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. That’s a main reason why so many races were so close this year, and it will only get worse. And if Democrats can manage to secure amnesty for the approximately 22 million illegal aliens in the United States today, they will achieve permanent political dominance.

This was bad enough when they were just liberal. Today, the vast majority are socialists and communists. Their permanent majority will spell the end for our great nation, and we will have to contend with Antifa types on a daily basis, as the street enforcers for a despotic kleptocracy. You will no longer have rights. Free speech will be gone. And kiss the Second Amendment goodbye, as the rule of the fist will take over.

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The Wall

The president has the authority to declare a national emergency and build the wall with the military, which already has funding. That authority is beyond dispute, under law and Supreme Court decisions, although there will be legal “experts” who disagree.

Now, despite that authority, we can be confident that extremist judges appointed by former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who have already demonstrated their contempt for settled law and Supreme Court rulings in multiple unconstitutional, nationwide injunctions against Trump policies, will intervene if Trump declares a national emergency and starts to build the wall.

If, in declaring an emergency, the president simultaneously reopens the government, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) or some other player will go to the Ninth District Court, which would immediately impose an injunction stopping construction. The Democrats would get their win and the president would be prevented from initiating construction until the case reached the Supreme Court.

And it’s not even a given that it would get a pass there, with Chief Justice John Roberts recently signaling never-Trump sentiments. It was all the more frightening given that Roberts was absurdly wrong when he said, “We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges …” Yes, Justice Roberts, we do. Some of them are the most partisan judges in history.

But there’s a way to get around this. If Trump maintains the government shutdown, and judges still issue an injunction, then the pressure would fall on them and the Democrats. It’s doubtful they would take that risk. The president, knowing that to open the government would instigate an immediate effort by the legal left to obtain an injunction, could announce he was continuing the shutdown until Congress agreed to authorize wall funding. Congress would do it sooner or later, because bureaucrats, now realizing Trump wouldn’t budge, would begin pressuring Democrats, and they would start to look like the bad guys.

The only thing the president needs to do is not blink. When things get really painful, everyone will eventually turn to the real source of the problem: congressional Democrats. And when they see that obstruction is no longer a winning political strategy, they’ll fold like a leaf.

One last thing. Even if congressional Democrats were to capitulate and approve wall funding, there would still be the possibility that a court would issue an injunction. If this is a risk, the president should just keep the government shut, and not agree to sign any upcoming appropriations bills until the wall is finished.

James Simpson is an economist, former White House budget analyst, businessman, and investigative journalist. His latest book is “The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook.

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