How to Unlock Hidden Movie Categories on Netflix

By Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
January 9, 2016 Updated: January 9, 2016

Ever find yourself spending what seems like eons looking for the perfect Netflix movie or TV series to binge on next? That’s certainly understandable considering the company’s huge catalog of content that gets refreshed on a regular basis. But what if there were a way to only search for certain types of films and shows and ignore Netflix’s algorithm that’s ready to suggest what to watch next?

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Fortunately, there are tricks to help put with that including using multiple profiles to watch Netflix, one for each different mood you might be in. And now there’s an even better way to find certain content categories that might otherwise stay hidden from view.

It turns out that Netflix engineers use secret codes to designate even more content categories than users have access to by default. As a result, you can further narrow down the kind of content you want to watch if you know about these special codes.

The trick is in the URL, Gizmodo explains. For example, the numbers at the end of this link designate a certain category. And there are unofficial online resources that list all of those codes, so you can simply follow those links in your browser (see this link and this link). If those lists aren’t enough, then you should also read this one-year-old article in The Atlantic that explains how Netflix organizes its content in tens of thousands of micro-genres.

Don’t be surprised if not all of the codes work out, as some content categories might not be available any longer. But you can definitely try to hunt down the movie niches you were looking to discover inside Netflix using this great trick.

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Chris Smith