How to Order Drinks at a Chinese Bar

By Ben Hedges, NTDTV
May 9, 2016 Updated: May 9, 2016

In China you can order just about the same selection of drinks at a bar as you can in English. They have a variety of translations for the names of Western drinks, here are some of the more common examples and the sentences you need to order…

Check out the video for a full explanation of the vocabulary

酒吧  Jiǔbā –  a Bar

你要喝甚麼? - Nǐ yào hē shénme? – What do you want to drink?

一杯 - Yībēi – One cup (of)…

兩杯 – Liǎngbēi – Two cups (of)…

三杯 – Sānbēi – Three cups

啤酒 – Píjiǔ – Beer

紅酒 – Hóngjiǔ – Red wine

香檳 – Xiāngbīn – Champagne

威士忌 – Wēishìjì – Whiskey

加冰塊 – Jiā bīngkuāi – add ice

不要冰塊 – Búyào bīngkuài – (I) don’t want ice

乾杯 – Gānbēi – Cheers! (lit. “dry cup”)