Watch How An Organic Vegetable Garden Is Created

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

A young lady makes a fire over the soil  She buries the ashes in the soil with her hands. Grabbing a handful of seeds she sprinkles them over the prepared ground as she walks around the edges. Next, she grabs a large bundle of bamboo canes. She knocks the bamboo into place to form a square fence surrounding the vegetable seeds. Then ties the bamboo sticks as fence panels around the vegetable garden.

Even the birds are watching as they chirp merrily in the background. The garden is made in a square formation. Then the sticks are crossed over at the top of the fence. Water is then sprinkled all over the garden. A gate is added to provide access to the garden.

We fast forward into the future where the vegetables are growing wonderfully. The lady puts ashes into a basket and then sprinkles them over the growing vegetables. Again, we take a look into the future where we see large lettuces and other vegetables ripe and ready to be picked. Wow, this is an amazing video to see the way an organic vegetable garden is created by one talented, young lady.

Video Credit:  Survival Skills | YouTube  Primitive Life | Facebook