How to Make Money Selling Your Old Media and Tech

February 10, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Do you have old tech devices or media like games, music and movies that you don’t use anymore? Too often these products get forgotten in boxes and closets and eventually dragged out to the trash or garage sales. But the Internet provides many additional options for getting rid of these unwanted electronics, and offers a chance to make far more money than you would at a garage sale. It’s all a matter of finding the right demand for what you have, and the Web is full of options. So the next time you’re about to throw old tech away, consider these options first.

See What Deals Big Companies Offer

This is a great tip for more recent media, such as movies and games that you have bought within the last few years. If the luster has worn off or those purchases aren’t looking quite so good in retrospect, take a moment and see if any major brands will allow you to trade them in for cash or credit. Two great places to start online are and Best Buy, which both offer widespread trade-in options across many different types of media. The consistent factor is that they are looking for newer products, especially popular new topics. Older, less popular products may only get you a few cents, but at least you can quickly search and add products to see what your total score would be.

Look for Product-Based Trade-In Deals

There’s another category of trade-ins that is worth your time, and that’s the product-based version. You see, many companies offer discounts and deals if you bring your old product along with you when buying a new one. Trade in your old game console, and you get the new model for a discount. Bring in your old phone, and upgrading to the next version will be less expensive. A lesser but still effective version of this is the trade-in in a specialty store, where you can exchange old games and movies for store credit to buy new media – often combined with limited-time deals to get extra credit.

Dig Through Your Boxes and Sell Nostalgia

All right, what do you do if you have truly old movies or games to get rid of? Fortunately, there are niche markets for these products too, based largely on nostalgia. Search for specific sites where you can sell off your old games, classic movies, and perhaps even some old CDs that you have. Even older mobile devices have their niche markets to search for, and albums have a thriving secondary market to exploit.

Use Auction Sites

When in doubt, visit an auction site like eBay. These sites make it easy to set up your own store, and allow you to sell your tech items at the prices you think they deserve (or at lower prices, if you just want to get rid of them). Big sites like eBay have an inherent advantage, in that one-time buyers will often stop by there first to search for what they want before moving on to smaller niche sites. Use this to your advantage – but remember to thoroughly prove that the tech you are selling is still in fine working order.

Find Smaller Cash Sites
If nothing else works, try searching the long tail for lesser known, small websites that can still get you cash for your goods. Sites like BuyMyTronics, Glyde, Swappa, Gazelle and others offer a way to sell more random electronics or specialize in a particular brand, making it easier for you to find buyers. These sites are quite a few steps above resorting to a garage sale or a dump heap.