How To Keep Your Small Business’ Finances In Order

January 8, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Many people who own small businesses are great at what they do. If they are an internet guru or something of that nature then they are quite proficient at it. Often times small business owners overlook keeping their finances in order because they are living out their passion. One may ask how somebody could overlook the finances of their own company, it is easier than it sounds. The following will be the different ways that a business owner can keep track of their finances without taking too much time from other portions of their business.

Accounting Software

Not all accounting software is created equal as some takes much more knowledge of accounting then others. For a small business owner without a background in accounting, picking a software that does most of the work for you and that is simple is important. Doing research online about the different features that a certain software has is important. If you are doing many transactions or very few could mean the difference between two completely different software types. In this article about Freshbooks and Quickbooks it gives a very solid analysis of where both of these accounting sites and programs thrive and where they may fall short.

Separate Expenses

Often times people who run a business out of their home have issues when it comes to separating work and home life. This goes the same for the expenses and having the grocery bill not impacting the bottom line of the company. It is easy to use the company card when taking your significant other out for dinner but when it comes time to rectify the expenses then confusion might set in. Having separate accounts instead of your personal and business in one account is important as your software or accountant will have quite a hard time deciphering what is what when it comes to expenses.

Block Off Some Time

Usually rectifying expenses is not too difficult if done on a consistent basis. Blocking off time at the end of the week is a great strategy when you need to go over your books. Once a week for a small business owner is usually enough to keep everything in order. Keeping track of your finances is like keeping a house clean. It is easy to keep a clean house clean and easy for a dirty house to get dirtier. Doing these things once a week will keep the business owner’s memory sharp as if the wait is too long then certain expenses might not be able to be explained.

As you can see there are ways to keep the finances of a company in order. The easiest of all of these is using some kind of accounting program or software where all that has to be done is some data entry. Keeping finances in order will lead to great things and increased awareness of where the company is going.