How to Gobble the Competition

November 26, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

With holiday promotions in full swing it can feel like competition is around every corner. Whereever you turn there’s a sale, promo, offer, social media challenge or give-away. And, all you want to do is sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner knowing you gobbled the competition. (yes, the pun is necessary and intended). But, what exactly is involved to make sure that the holiday season is in your control? Below are three strategies for full competition domination!

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Paint It Another Color. A common mistake business owners make is assuming that they need to innovate a new invention, technology or development in their industry in order to be recognized and successful. I’ve got bad news for you: everything has already been done before. Your focus shouldn’t be on how to do something new but how to do it differently. Take a look at your market and see what void needs to be filled. For more help on finding a niche for your business click here.

Being A People Business. You’re probably familiar with the term “being a people person” what you want to build is a People Business. A business that delivers such an excellent experience (not service or product) to its clients that it quickly dvifferenchints itself from the competition. Instead of emailing out holiday promotions think of what your clients truly want this season. Can you give them something special to experience with their families? Or something that will make the holidays even more special? Whatever you come up with, try to personalize it as much as possible to your clients. Building a business that is a People Business is one of the best way to truly take the pulse of the market and understand customer needs.

It’s Not In The Numbers. Many business owners get nervous during the holiday season because it means having to compete with other company’s price points. Don’t enter the loosing game of who can offer the lowest price – no one ever wins. Instead think of what you can add as an experience that will justify and endorse your pricing. If you have a store you can offer free hot chocolate to visitors or give away small stocking stuffers. If you are a service provider consider giving away more personalized services your clients might need. By rendering your business into an experience you are encouraging client loyalty which will lead to an influx in refers.

How are you gobbling the competition this Holiday Season? Let us know below or email us at