How To Fuel Your Hunger For MORE

April 21, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Think back to your first five years after college graduation: did you feel like the world was just waiting for you to conquer it? I certainly did. But, with each passing year, obstacles, life challenges, and big fat “NO”s, that perspective got hazy. And I got, well, distracted. Undeniably, it’s this hunger that fuels us. This need to always stretch our wings a little bit wider and not settle for the mundane, the passable, and the mediocre. A bittersweet mixture of dreams and dissatisfaction. So, how do you keep this hunger alive? Below are 3 things you can do to fuel your hunger for more.

Blair Waldorf Is a Brat, But I Love Her Shoes. Now, I hate Gossip Girl and the way it portrayed NYC as a city for the bored and over-privileged, but which one of us wouldn’t want to live a life full of limos, Prada, and Moet & Chandon? Order some luxury magazines and start ripping out all the things your pampered self could simply not “live” without. Then, glue them on a board or the inside of your journal and sneak a peek weekly!

OK, But It’s Not All About The Shoes. Most of us desire beautiful accessories – watches, bags, purses, a home in East Hampton – not for the actual thing (even though they are so pretty!), but for the way in which we assume they will make us feel. It’s an association that brands have led you to believe through their million-dollar advertisements: that when you walk down the street with Prada shoes, an Hermes scarf, and a Burberry trench coat – by God you’ve made it in life! So, indulge and dream a little. Embrace those feelings and let yourself daydream every morning for 5-10 minutes.

Warning: Over-Eating Can Make You Drowsy. It’s important that, as you cultivate your hunger for more, you don’t become a glutton. No one likes gluttons. Be appreciative for everything you have so far – love, life, health – things that are priceless. The more grateful you are for what you have in your life, the more of it you will attract. If you love writing, keep a gratitude journal where you write every day about something that has made you smile. Or, make it a ritual with family to share experiences around the dinner table. Find a way to weave gratitude into your everyday, and you’ll be astounded by the way in which the Universe says: You’re welcome.

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