How to Find Any App for Your iPhone Instantly

February 13, 2016 Updated: February 13, 2016

The beauty of the industry leading third-party app ecosystem Apple has created surrounding its iOS platform is that there are hundreds of thousands of apps that do practically anything you need. But as anyone who follows our series on paid iOS apps that go on sale for free knows, things can get out of hand quickly. It’s very easy to overstuff your phone with dozens and dozens of apps that end up spreading out across your home screens and getting buried in folders. And inevitably, you’ll end up having trouble finding some an app you’re looking for every so often.

Apple’s Spotlight search feature is a nice way to find apps in your iPhone without having to dig around, but it turns out there’s another trick that might help you find apps even faster.

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Home screens are very personal things that say a lot about iPhone owners. Users tend to put the apps they open most often on the first home screen and then rely on various methods to organize the rest of their apps. Some people are meticulous and use folders to keep their screen count low, while others just leave apps wherever they end up when they’re downloaded from the App Store.

And then there’s “Lembacher.”

Obsessive compulsive behavior is often viewed by many as troublesome, but this crafty Reddit user put his OCD to work on his iPhone. In doing so, he came up with a smart little trick that lets him find any app on his iPhone in an instant.

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Here’s the image Lembacher recently posted on Reddit:


Click the image to enlarge it and view it in all of its glory.

As you can see, this clever Redditor ditched folders entirely and arranged all of his icons by color. Why? Even if we don’t always realize it, we know what the icons look like for each app we use. So with a setup like this, you can swipe through to the proper page and find any app in an instant.

Is it worth the certain judgement that will accompany the stare of anyone who happens to see one of your iPhone home screens? We’ll let you decide.

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