How to Enable iCloud Photo Library on iPhone, iPad

Many of the people who are new to iPhone and iPad must not be aware with this feature
October 30, 2014 Updated: December 2, 2014

We are keep on discussing different stuffs with you guys related to Apple and it’s features. Since, Apple is keep on releasing new and incredible features day by day which is really awesome and great for the users. Therefore, today I am going to reveal another feature of iPhone and iPad and that is iCloud Photo Library.

Many of the people who are new to iPhone and iPad must not be aware with this feature. Therefore, today we are going to share a guide with you guys in which we will be guiding that, “How to Enable iCloud Photo Library  on iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8.1 or later?” This guide is specially for iPhone and iPad users.

Firstly, you will be known to this feature and then we will share a short tutorial with you guys. This tutorial will make you understand about the enabling method of iCloud Photo Library. It is not a rocket science at all. This is one of the simplest trick which you’ve ever shared. However, most of you must be kept unaware from this tip.

What is iCloud Photo Library?

So, before moving ahead it is my duty to guide some newbies as well. Therefore, before moving I am going to make you understand that, “What actually iCloud Photo Library is?” The iCloud Photo Library is one of the best feature of iOS 8.1 devices. If you have too many Apple devices then this is for you.

The iCloud Photo Library allows you to store photos and videos in iCloud and keep them sync across your all Apple devices. It is the feature for iOS 8.1 version and above.

Let me elaborate it more that when you will share any album or photos on your iPad and then it will be automatically shared on your other Apple devices as well, e.g; iPhone. Isn’t it awesome? I guess this is the best thing that your photos and videos keep on syncing in all your iOS devices which lessen your time of individual uploading on each device.

Learn-How to Enable  iCloud Photo  Library [Quick Tip]

So, now without killing much of you time. I am taking you right towards the practical job. You are supposed to follow the steps which are elaborated below. We have already mentioned that this is a quick tip. So, you don’t need to worry about the complexity, since, it is the easiest tutorial which we have ever shared.

  • First of all you need to tap on Settings on your iPhone or iPad which is integrated on iOS 8.1 or above one
  • After that, you need to tap on iCloud and then tap on Photos
  • Afterwards, you will see some options, you need to turn on iCloud Photo Library by swapping it towards right
  • Congratulations! You have enabled iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone and iPad running on iOS 8.1 or above version.


This was the short tutorial related to iCloud Photo sharing. I am sure this would have been proven helpful for you guys. However, if you have any kind of confusions or questions left related to this article. Then do share your queries with us, we shall try to resolve your all queries as soon as possible.

Finally, if you have found this guide helpful then don’t forget to share this guide with your other friends as well. Since, your share may help any of your friends who is heading for such information.

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