How to Double Your Apple Watch’s Battery Life for Less Than 100$

April 14, 2015 Updated: April 14, 2015

There are plenty of good reasons to skip the new Apple Watch. Battery life is not one of them. Connecting your Apple Watch to a charger each night or placing it on a dock is hardly a tall order considering people take their watches off every night anyway before the go to bed, but some people still don’t like the idea of a smartwatch that will only last one day on a charge.

If you’re one of those people and battery life is your biggest barrier to entry, it might be time to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to a new accessory that’s about to launch.

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Wipowerband (via ZDNet) isn’t the best name for a device, but the accessory itself will be greatly appreciated by plenty of Apple Watch owners. Just as iPhones and other smartphones have third-party battery cases that can be attached for an extra energy boost, the wipowerband brings the same concept to the Apple Watch.




The device contours to the back of the Apple Watch and adds an extra 250 mAh battery that will seemingly almost double the device’s battery life. It also comes in four different colors: Black, blue, orange and pink.

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A 38mm version of the wipowerband costs $89 and then 42mm version costs $99. Both models are available immediately for preorder and are expected to ship in either May or June, which is probably when Apple Watch units will be shipping to most people who preordered.

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