How Do You Even Do Things in Space?! Here Are 10 Useful Insights

By Tina Sun
Tina Sun
Tina Sun
July 31, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2015

The next time you lament your complicated life on earth, think about how much more tedious it would be if you were in space. Astronauts such as Chris Hadfield from the YouTube channel VideoFromSpace demonstrate just how different it is to go about daily tasks such as washing your hair and brushing your teeth in an gravity-free environment. (At the end of the day, let us give three cheers for running water. Watch and you’ll understand why.)

How to Brush Your Teeth in Space

Take a toothbrush, put on some toothpaste, brush, rinse, and spit, right? No, not in space!

How to Wash Your Hair in Space

Again, three cheers for running water and gravity!

How to Sleep in Space

Okay, perhaps a little bit of floating around might be fun.

How to Barf, Puke, Vomit in Space

Getting drunk or wasted strictly prohibited in space. (Are you still interested in going there now?)

How to Shave in Space

The vacuum cleaner, of all things, is necessary to revamp your looks.

How to Wring a Washcloth in Space

And the next question in line… how do you dry your laundry in space?

How to Cook Spinach in Space

Never has the quote “water, the source of life” rung so true.

How to Wash Your Hands in Space

Does that mean they can wash their hands practically anywhere, not just in the bathroom?

How to Cry in Space

Try not to miss your family and friends too much if you go to space!

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich in Space

Breadcrumbs, mortal enemy of spacemen.

 *Featured image of “Space” via Shutterstock

Tina Sun