How to Create the Perfect Kitchen

November 10, 2014 Updated: November 10, 2014

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Not sure where to start? Here are six things to consider before renovating your kitchen.

1. Invest Time in Choosing a Renovator

Look for a firm that has expertise in kitchen renovations, can provide references, and has interior designers and craftspeople on staff.

2. Communication is Key

Ensure that your renovator understands how the kitchen will be used. Will it be a social hub for a busy family, or a place for quiet meals?

3. Reach for Quality

Cabinets will be one of the most important investments in your kitchen. When choosing cabinets, Kevin Morrell of Sutcliffe Kitchens suggests investing in high-quality cabinetry with a timeless design like Shaker-style doors that will last through years of wear and tear without going out of vogue.

4. Make the Right Choice

Kitchens, for most families, are a heavy-use area. It is important to consider this when choosing materials for workstations, specifically countertops. Morrell advises that homeowners go for “functionality over looks” when choosing countertop materials. Materials like granite and quartz are a solid choice because they are long-lasting and stain-resistant.

5. Lifestyle

Kitchen islands are often a showcase for homeowners to express their personalities. When considering the design of an island, like any element in a kitchen, it is important to think of both immediate and long-term use and needs. In islands, as in other parts of the kitchen, storage that is functional, easy to get at, and makes best use of space holds long-term value.

6. All Out on Lighting

“A nice thing about lighting is that you can change it easily,” Morrell says. You can show off your personal taste in your lighting choices without making a permanent style commitment.

Budget tip: For homeowners who want to make budget-wise choices Morrell suggests “keeping accessories simple” while keeping functionality in mind. Designs free of trims, molding, and columns may be more budget-friendly as can choosing some finishes over others. “Take the time to pull it all together. Focus on the planning work,” Morrell advises. “It will be one of the bigger investments in your home.

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