How to convert PDF to a Word document

March 10, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

 PDFs are the easily accessible and readable format while we send any type of document to the recipient. But, you might be looking for the ways to convert the PDF file to the word document as you might need to edit them. As, you are well verse that you cannot edit your document in the PDF format. So, you must convert the PDF to the Word document. But, you must know that you cannot convert the images from the PDF to the Word document. But, you can reinstate them later on. If you are looking for the various possible ways to convert the PDF to the Word document then follow the below mentioned steps:

1     Using Adobe Acrobat

  • Open Adobe Acrobat; make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed in your PC.
  • Click on the File, and then click on Open which you will find in the scroll when you click on File.
  • Now, you have to browse all the files which are in PDf format until you find your file and then select the file and click on Open.
  • There are basically two steps you must follow to convert the PDF to the Word document under Adobe acrobat:
  • Method One: You must click on File and then save as, you will find the scroll bar and then click on a Microsoft Word document and save it.
  • Method two: You must click on File, and then click on Export. Select Microsoft Word Document. You will see the new window popping out; give a suitable name to the file and save it.
  • Now, you have to wait for a few minutes, as it will take some time to convert your PDF file to the Word document.
  • Now, your file is ready to run, so your file might, got saved in the same location where your PDF file was saved. Double click on that file and it will get open in Microsoft Word format.

2     Using

  • If you would like to convert your PDF files to the Word document then, you must enter to the URL bar of the browser. Now, you will find the various categories to convert your files to different formats.
  • Choose PDF to Word, and click on it.
  • Now, you can see the bar asking for the “Select Files”, click on it.
  • Select the file from your PC.
  • Now, you will see three radio buttons with options as: Flowing, Exact, OCR. Choose any one suitable for your needs.
  • Click on Start and wait for few moments.
  • Now, your file is converted to the Word document. Save it.

3     Using online software’s

  • You can easily convert the PDF file to the Microsoft Word format using the various online software’s. You can use them online without downloading them on your computer. There are various reputed websites which will do this task for you for free such as “PDF to Word“.
  • You will find the option on the right hand of your screen where you have to choose the file which you want to convert.
  • Then you have to search for the file which you want it to convert from PDF to Microsoft Word, and then upload the document in the PDF format.
  • Many of the websites will ask for you to enter your email address, as they will directly email you the converted copy of your document to your email address. Some of the websites give you the converted document directly.
  • Also, there will be an option to enter the captcha or you have to click on the checkbox that you are “human”, so that both can identify whether the task is performed by the human itself.
  • Then, click to convert, and the conversion process will take a few minutes to convert your document. And, then you can click and view your file in your email directly.

4     Using Google Docs

  • You must sign into your Gmail account to get access to your Google Docs account. Now, at the right hand upper side you will find the folder icon which will enable you to upload the new files. You must click on it to proceed with it.
  • You must upload the PDF file to your Google docs wither by “select a file from your computer” or simply by dragging it from your windows to the Google Docs page which will ultimately open the Windows Explorer. Now, wait for the file to get upload, once it is uploaded, it will be available for preview.
  • Now, go to your Google docs account there, you will see various files. Choose your file and right click on it and then select “open with” from the drop down menu and then choose Google docs.
  • Now, as your file is opened with Google Docs from Google drive, you must proceed by clicking on the File menu which will be at upper left corner of Google Docs, and then select “download as” option and then click on “Microsoft word (docs)”. Now, when you click on it your downloading will start.

5    Using Ice Cream PDF converter

  • You must open the Ice-cream PDF converter and then you must select “from PDF” to proceed with this software.
  • Now, you must add your required PDF file to convert it to the Microsoft Word, simply by just clicking on the “Add PDF file” or you can simply drag and drop the file from your window to the program’s window.
  • You will find a title “To”, under the title you will find the column, select doc.
  • From the drop down menu you must select the default language for the newly created doc file.
  • Now, press the “convert” button to start the process of converting your PDF file to the Word document.
  • Now, click on the “Open Folder”, to view the file which has been saved in the location mentioned in the software. Now, you can open the file and can edit it.


Since, there are various ways to convert your PDF file to the Word document, but there are few ways which do it properly for you and we have mentioned all the possible ways for you. Some are the online ways to convert and some are the offline ways where you have to download the software to do this process. But, you cannot reinstate the images as they cannot be converted to the Word document, but you can convert the text to the Word document and can edit it for your purpose. Also, there are few ways more, but we think that it will be sufficient for our readers to do their task without any hassle.