How the Chinese Communist Regime Entraps Taiwanese Businessmen

By Hao Fengjun
Hao Fengjun
Hao Fengjun
February 1, 2006 Updated: February 1, 2006

On December 17, 2005, a series of forums entitled “How Taiwanese Businessmen Can Avoid Trouble and Stay Safe in a Society under the Chinese Communist Regime” were held at the Administration Bureau of Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park in Taiwan. Professor Ming Juzheng from Taiwan University organized the forum, which was aimed at looking out for Taiwanese businessmen's well being under the Communist dictatorship. Keynote speakers were Dr. Gao Weibang, Director of Victims of Investment in China Association from Taiwan, and Mr. Hao Fengjun, a former police officer for the 6-10 Office, a secret police unit under the Chinese Communist regime. Edited and published below is the majority of the incisive speech given by Mr. Hao Fengjun.

I give my thanks to Professor Ming and the sponsors of this forum. It is my pleasure to be here at the HsinChu Science-based Industrial Park. I have heard that this is the heart of Taiwan's Hi-tech industry. First I would like to briefly introduce myself. In 1994, I graduated from Nankai University. After passing the examinations, I entered the Police Department of Tianjin City. From 1994 to 2000, I worked at a police station at Heping District, Tianjin City. I worked in the riot police for two years, and then for two years as a public security officer. At the end of this term I was promoted to vice team leader of the narcotics department, which mainly investigates drug dealers and crimes related to drugs.

In October 2000, I was transferred to the 6-10 office Police Department of Tianjin City. At the beginning, I was very unaccustomed to the new office. First I'd like to explain what the 6-10 Office is. This office was established principally as a means to tackle “the Falun Gong issue” and its full name is the Office for Handling the Falun Gong Issue. Throughout all of my work in the 6-10 Office, and after numerous incidences, I could not find any evidence of how Falun Gong could use armed force to overthrow the Chinese communist regime. In short, because of this I changed my view of the 6-10 Office.

I later applied for a transfer. However, because there were no additional police to supplement the 6-10 Office, no one was allowed to transfer back to his original unit. On March 8, 2003, the No. 1 office of the police department (Political Defense Office) merged with the 6-10 Office because the National Security Bureau, lacking manpower, could no longer continue to engage in overseas political power struggles. The new office is called the Homeland Security Defense Office. At the same time, however, the No. 4 team was also formed. Because I didn't want to deal with investigating Falun Gong, I was transferred to No. 4 team. The main task of this organization was carrying on the Chinese Communist party's command to eliminate the “heretical” religions other than Falun Gong, including Catholicism and other Christianity denominations.

Illegal Religions

In Taiwan, many people cannot understand why Catholicism and other denominations of Christianity are called underground churches in China. Some people have asked me, “There are still Catholic and other Christian churches in China?” I said, “Yes, but those are controlled by the Chinese communist regime and are not associated with the Vatican.” These so-called “Three Selves Churches” are different from churches in other countries. Therefore, whenever the Vatican proposes forming a formal diplomatic relationship with China and assigning bishops, the Chinese communist regime doesn't dare accept. This is because the Chinese Communist regime is afraid of religious infiltration more than anything else.

The Chinese Communist regime assigned the 6-10 Office to deal with religions because many religions, although practiced in Taiwan, are illegal in China. Catholic and other Christian denominations are underground churches. Yesterday in court, I revealed two documents regarding many other religions in Taiwan. The establishment of No. 4 team was to be responsible for monitoring the religious activities of Taiwanese businessmen.

I have to point out very bluntly that when many Taiwan businessmen, like yourselves, arrive in the mainland, as Dr. Gao Weibang said, the government officials from the Chinese communist regime will do anything for you, including kneeling down. Therefore, you feel like you are a VIP. Taiwanese businessmen are invited to dinners upon arrival, then a series of comprehensive services are arranged. From having dinner to taking a bath, to having a massage, to even visiting prostitutes, the whole process is arranged for you.

Our work unit has double-identities. My real identity was an officer responsible for collecting information, but I could also hold positions in the city government. When I met with Taiwanese businessmen, I could only reveal another identity. I could not tell them that I was a police officer responsible for monitoring them.

The major excuse for the Chinese Communist regime to arrest Taiwanese businessmen is for “tax evasion.” This doesn't mean that arrested Taiwanese businessmen are cunning and own three or four accounting books for evading taxes.

For example, you invested in Heping District of Tianjin City, and built a company building there. You already paid the tax. The city gave you permission to not pay any more tax when you made another investment in a remote suburb because you are using the same permit. But during your arrest, he would say that you didn't pay the tax, and therefore, are guilty of “tax evasion.” This method was used in many cases to sanction Taiwan businessmen. I was personally quite specialized in this. Of course, this is not very common. I just want to remind Taiwanese businessmen that during my trip to Taiwan, I myself am under very high pressure.

I came to Taiwan only to tell the Taiwanese government, media, businessmen, and people, that if you can make money, I am very happy for you. Of course, when you make money, I don't take a share. I mainly hope that you Taiwanese businessmen will keep yourselves safe and clean.

Monitoring Taiwanese businessmen's Religious Activities

A new approach taken by the Chinese Communist regime to control Taiwanese businessmen in mainland China is to monitor their religious activities. The department I used to work with is the government agency responsible for this matter. About 80 to 90 percent of Taiwanese businessmen in China are religious, but I would say that none of the religions are legal in mainland.

Naturally, Taiwanese businessmen do not go to the “Three Selves Churches” because the teachings there are different from what in their own religions.

Monk Bao Han, the senior abbot of the state-controlled Dabei Temple in Tianjin, is a person who works for us. Bao Han's first woman has been sent to Singapore, and he currently has a second woman. That being the case, is he a genuine monk?

(Professor Ming: Excuse me. What did you mean by “his woman?”)

I meant women who have illicit relations with the monk. (The audience gasps)

I also would like to share with you another episode. Since my family is somewhat Buddhist, they used to go to Dabei Temple once in a while. After being transferred to the “6-10 Office” in Tianjin, I even escorted my family members to visit Monk Bao Han. I felt honored to be received by the abbot, as it is not easy for average people to visit him in person. Afterwards, my colleague who was responsible for contacting Bao Han told me that the monk's first woman was sent to Singapore, since Bao felt the 30-plus year-old woman was too old. My colleague then told me that the woman he currently has with him is about 20 years old and is a graduate of the Tianjin International Studies University. After that, I asked my family members not to go to that Temple any more.

Taiwanese Businessmen are Strictly Monitored

Now I'd like to discuss in detail how the Chinese Communist regime imposes sanctions on Taiwanese businessmen. If you have relatives or friends doing business in China, then you should remind them to be careful. In 2002, I was assigned to investigate a Taiwanese businessman. This scenario is still playing out at present, so it would be best not to disclose his name; otherwise, it would not be good for him as he is still doing business in mainland China. However, I will give the relevant information to the authorities concerned here, so as to bring their attention to this matter.

I received this Taiwanese businessman's information in April 2003, when I was assigned to be responsible for this case. All of his personal information, including his home telephone number, his car's license plate number, his company's phone numbers, etc., have all been under surveillance since the very first day he started to run a business in Tianjin.

When I received the information pertaining to this Taiwanese businessman, all his communications had already been thoroughly monitored under an integrated plan. This individual believes in a branch of Christianity that is illegal in China. It is certain that even having prayer ceremonies or other similar activities at home will be under the relevant agencies' surveillance.

For instance, any activities including contacting other Taiwanese, joining prayer congregations, going to baptism ceremonies for others' babies, the location of hotels they hold such ceremonies, how they do these ceremonies, what they sing during the ceremonies, who sings the songs, who presides over the ceremonies, and who baptizes for the babies in the pool are videotaped.

In one instance, when he intended to spread his religion to some local university students in a large park, all activities, including singing chorals and praying, were under surveillance.

Collecting Evidence to Frame the Taiwanese Businessman

After instructing a coordinator to monitor an individual, everything would be watched. The date and place, and whatever the targeted person did would be clearly monitored. People in Taiwan may wonder how it could be possible to do so. Will people be arrested simply because they believe in Christianity? Definitely! It is against the provision of Article 300 of the PRC's Criminal Law, which stipulates that it is illegal to organize an evil sect or employ an evil sect to hold activities.

After collecting enough evidence from what we gathered in the park, we drove by and watched him from a short distance, while one of us who specialized in filming recorded him since I had never seen that person.

In October, we submitted a plan for arrest to the Ministry of Public Security. This plan utilized the Bureau of Commerce and Industry, the Taxation Bureau and the Bureau of Commodity Prices. You may wonder why it involved so many agencies. The reason was because we intended to seal up his property. This businessman had invested some three million yuan (around US$370,000) to build huge factories in Tianjin and in another place respectively.

We drew up a detailed plan in which the Bureau of Commerce and Industry was responsible for sealing up his warehouses and other properties, while the Taxation Bureau audited his accounting books and made every effort to find clues to wrongdoings. The wrongdoings might simply be out of negligence, and sometimes they might even be made by someone else on purpose. Afterwards, the Bureau of Commodity Price would find other clues to potential irregularities, as this agency is responsible for overseeing exportation of commodities. The Security bureau would then be required to implement its responsibility of carrying out the arrests.

Given the fact that the Lunar New Year was fast approaching and that the Taiwanese businessman might return to Taiwan for the New Year holidays, we thus scheduled to arrest him prior to his returning to Taiwan. However, we were taken by surprise when he unexpectedly flew to another city for land inspection and purchased a huge lot of land to set up another factory. Throughout the whole process our people were always with him, but he didn't notice it at all. Our people flew on the same flights, and stayed in the same hotels.

After he signed the contract for the land purchase and decided to construct a factory in that province, we contacted the local public security department for detailed information regarding the deal. Soon after returning to our office, we immediately submitted a report to our superiors in Beijing. The reply from Beijing instructed us “to suspend the arrest operation.” Why? It was because we planned to take action after he invested his money in that province.

In Australia, I discussed this matter with the people working in the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office of Australia, and they could hardly believe what I said. I told them that I would tell them the name of that Taiwanese businessman, and they can ask him questions. In fact, we sent someone to follow him throughout the process; therefore, we know everything in detail.

The reason I told you this story is to inform Taiwanese businessmen that investment in mainland China is not a simple matter. The Chinese communist regime has a goal to soak up the blood of Taiwan and Taiwanese businessmen.

Framing Taiwanese Businessmen by Sex Traps

Another example is how the CCP incited the defection of Taiwanese businessmen. I would hope Taiwanese businessmen know how to protect themselves. However, no matter how extensively you may have bribed the Chinese officials, who subsequently made you feel extraordinarily potent and influential, the dagger hidden behind is razor-sharp.

Many Taiwanese businessmen like to go to amusement places or bath centers. Why do sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS, spread so fast in China? It is because China has been so open but with lack of control. Since I have dual identities and I know Taiwanese businessmen, I can set up a trap to facilitate my intelligence work. For instance, I can tell a Taiwanese businessman that I am a director associated with the Tianjin Municipal Committee, and I can handle any difficulties he may have regarding all kinds of city regulations. With the big title, every Taiwanese businessman would believe in me. Besides me, there may be other people getting in touch with them.

Of course, the example I am talking about has nothing to do with me. Please do not misunderstand. I am not that bad. (Audience laughs)

The people who contact the Taiwanese businessman would take him to find fun, such as visiting prostitutes in a dancing saloon or a bath center. If the local police happen to make an inspection right at that moment, the Taiwanese businessman and the 6-10 officer will be detained by the police. According to Clause 2, Article 30 of Regulations of the PRC on Administrative Penalties for Public Security, prostitution earns a jail sentence for a period of half a year to two years and a fine of 5,000 yuan (US$620). For a businessman, half a year of imprisonment will be long enough to ruin his business and family.

If the 6-10 officer who brought the Taiwanese businessman into this trap is also detained, he will “remind” the Taiwanese businessman, “Don't you know the Municipal Committee director? Give him a call!” In normal situations, the police wouldn't let you use the phone. Neither do we tell the police station what has actually been going on. At most, what we normally do is alert the police station to arrest the Taiwanese businessman. Most Taiwanese businessmen have no idea how the Chinese police interrogate a suspect and investigate a case. Many criminal cases are uncovered and directly handled by the Department of Defense for Politics. Their interrogation goal is to smash the suspect's will, and completely extinguish the hope for life. Eventually, the suspect will confess to what he has been asked for.

After the interrogation is completed and the Taiwanese businessman confesses to the crime with a signature and fingerprints being taken, he will then be allowed to call his family to pay the fine. Without family available, the Taiwanese businessman has to call friends. Once he calls me or the Municipal Party Committee, we will pretend that we know nothing about the case, saying, “Why didn't you inform me earlier? I will be right there.” After arriving at the police station, we talk to the director of the Politics Defense Department first and inform him that the Taiwanese businessman is the man we want to use for intelligence purposes. I would then bail out the Taiwanese businessman without any difficulty.

Intimidating Taiwanese Businessmen Using Two-man Act

The Taiwanese businessman would feel so grateful and, in tears, he would say, “You have been so nice to me! You are my benefactor! Otherwise, I would be imprisoned for half a year.” Think about the situation — the arrest warrant had been issued and the fine was yet-to-be paid, so the Taiwanese businessman wouldn't have anticipated that he could be released. Therefore, he certainly feels extremely thankful to those who save him from being jailed.

We will subsequently tell him that we need information about Falun Gong in Taiwan, or ask him if he knows somebody in the local churches in Taiwan. If the Taiwanese businessman acknowledges that he knows somebody in the church, he will be asked to take a group photo with the people of the local church when he returns to Taiwan and to mail the photo back. Of course, additional information may also be requested.

Under such circumstances, the Taiwanese businessman would normally reject this, saying, “No, I can't do that. If I do so, I would be a traitor!” We assure him that we are not asking him to collect military or political information, but what we would like to understand is religion.

As long as he nods his head, he has entered our trap. In fact, he has begun to collect information for the Chinese communist regime.

I think it is useless for the Taiwanese government and its security organizations to blame Taiwanese businessmen for collecting information or even working for the Chinese communist regime. The reason is that the Taiwanese businessmen have no choice. As long as the Chinese communist regime has something on the Taiwanese businessmen, they have no choice but to wait to be taken advantage of. It is surely against their will. However, unless the Taiwanese businessmen are determined to give up all their assets in China, they don't dare to summon a press conference in Taiwan to expose the traps.

You Don't have to Repay the Loan if You Borrow Money from the Government?

When I was working at the Heping Branch in Tianjin City, I knew many bank presidents and often dined with them. I joked with them by asking if they could approve a loan of about one million yuan (US$124,000) for me so I could buy a house. They said: “About one million yuan? That amount is too small.” Then they went on to say that they didn't have more money to make loans. I asked: “Why?” They said: “It's out of control. Currently we can't even expect the repayment of principal. It would be great if they could just pay the interest annually.”

That's the current situation of banks and the Treasury in mainland China. Professor Ming has made a very thorough analysis. He said if Taiwan invested 500 billion US dollars in mainland China, the corrupted CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials would embezzle those 500 billion dollars and transfer the money to overseas accounts. Taiwanese businessmen are considered foreign businessmen. Therefore they are the ones transfusing blood to the CCP. The CCP sucks the blood out of the Taiwanese business people (who invested in the mainland).

I'm telling the truth and I have evidence of this. The Taiwanese business people feel very good at the very beginning when they start their investments in the mainland. Actually, they don't know what becomes of them. They don't know there are government agencies like our department and other foreign affairs offices that oversee Taiwanese business people. (If you are a Taiwanese businessman or businesswoman), there are many eyes watching you. If you break the law even a tiny bit, you are finished. Ninety percent of the Taiwanese business people are religious. But it's illegal to have religious faith in the mainland. So it's very easy for them to grab your assets using any excuse.

The reason I tell you this is that I hope you see through the CCP. Please don't be deceived by the facade.

Withdrawing from the CCP is a True Fact

What am I stressing here? The Taiwanese government, Taiwanese media, Taiwanese business community and our Taiwanese compatriots, please don't take the withdrawals lightly. Although I can't prove the correctness of the figure of 6 million people (withdrawing from the CCP) I know the withdrawals do exist.

Why do I say they exist? Let me tell you about something. I left China after February 2005. The movement of withdrawing from the CCP started in November 2004. At the beginning, people withdrew from the CCP using their real names. Not only this website, but also all the websites including Falun Gong were under 24-hour surveillance. When we were monitoring this website, we could tell how many people withdrew from the CCP. Because we had databases for Falun Gong and databases for population and demographic information, by contrast, we could easily search for a person within the databases and find his or her home address and work unit. Then we would ask the sub-bureau to further investigate them. What we found was that 90 percent of the people we investigated used their real names and truly announced their withdrawal. Then we arrested them and sentenced them to 3 years in a labor camp.

When I met with some members of the legislation council yesterday (December 16), some committee members asked me why some people who had withdrawn from the CCP were thrown into jail for 3 years. He was shocked! (Everyone laughed.) This is considered “betraying the Party” in China. It's a severe crime to betray the Party. I committed a severe crime! (Everyone laughed.)

The CCP will Collapse in Shortly

Sometimes people, including the Taiwan government, might wish that the CCP opens the door to democracy in the future. I don't know if that wish will come true. But I believe that the CCP will collapse in a short period of time.

Why? Recall the day June 7, 1987 when US President Reagan shouted towards the Berlin Wall from West Germany: “Mr. Gorbachev, please open this door!” The wall collapsed on October 9, 1989. There was not a single government, nor a single president of any country that predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I think it's the same for the Chinese communist regime with the increasing number of people withdrawing from the CCP. We [the people] are part of the CCP's national machine. We are the cornerstones of the CCP building. If a lot of the cornerstones are removed from the foundation of the building, then the building will collapse. I am very confident about this. I hope the Taiwanese government and Taiwan media, like me, will see this happen. Thank you! (enthusiastic applause)

Edited by Li Xianzhen

Hao Fengjun
Hao Fengjun