How Home Automation Will Benefit Your Family

December 9, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

You may have heard of new homes being set up to be automated or of other people upgrading their homes to become automated. What does this mean exactly? Home automation is a new trend in home design that is essentially turning your home into a “smart home” like your “smart phone.”

With a home automation system, you are basically connecting all of the devices in your life to the internet. This means your clocks, garage doors, appliances, speakers, thermostat and more are all running, communicating and taking commands from you via the internet. Not only can you control the things in your house from a smart phone or tablet, but you are going to save energy by having things in your home, like the thermostat, shut off when you’re not using it and turned back on as soon as you’re home. Here is how home automation works, how it benefits you and how to get your home automated.

How Home Automation Works

Home automation is having the ability to control the things in your home with the push of a button or through voice command. You can control these things from a device connected to the internet such as your smart phone, tablet or computer. It’s using the internet to control the things in your home that you’ve specifically set up to be automated.

What types of things can you automate in your home? For starters, many people like to get a programmable thermostat. You can control the temperature in any room in the home with this type of automation. You can also automate the home alarm system, lighting, speakers, window shades, clocks and appliances. With the push of a button on your device, you can tell the dishwasher to start, set the alarm clock, turn down the heat or crank up the music. If you’ve arrived to work and forget to lock up the house or turn off that curling iron, no worries; just tell your tablet to lock up and turn off your appliances for you.

The Benefits of Home Automation

For starters, having home automation is a huge convenience. You no longer have to remember to turn things off or on and you can even control things from another location outside of your home. If you’re controlling the heat or air conditioner by keeping it off while you’re away from the house, you’ll save a ton of money on energy costs.

You can also have the automation schedule all the lights to be turned off while you’re at work, or alternatively have them turned on while you’re on vacation to prevent burglars from thinking no one is home. You can save hundreds of dollars a year with automating your thermostat and lights.

One of the coolest parts of home automation comes through controlling the sound throughout the house. You don’t have to get up and switch the CD or turn up the volume; the Baltimore Sun says that by installing that music system Sonos, you can now enjoy an Internet radio station through your speakers and control is all through your smart phone without ever leaving the couch.

How to Automate Your Home

With home automation rising in popularity, you can now make this happen in your home by making some changes. According to VB News, home automation simplifies our life but can be complex due to so many product options, so Amazon has dedicated a store to reduce the complexity of automating your home.

If you’d prefer to not have to stress about all of your options and where to begin yourself, why not check out Lightwave RF Technology? It’s a new technology that will transform your current home into the “smart home” you’re wanting with no hassle. You’ll be able to control plugged in appliances, heating and lighting through any smart device.

Home automation will most likely reach all homes in the future. It’s such a convenient, cost-efficient and energy-efficient way to run your home from any device.