How Custom Label Machines Can Help Reduce Costs

By Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
December 7, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The process of getting a custom labeling machine like the ones sold by Universal Labeling Systems can be challenging, therefore finding a labeling machine manufacturer that is experienced is key. They must be skilled with a wide variety of custom product handling applications. Custom labeling machines can be made to label and code boxes, orient bottles as well as a variety of other packaging systems. They can come with a multiple of feeds as well including automatic feeds and hopper feeds to name a few.

The Benefits of Purchasing A Custom Label Machine

Getting a labeling machine custom built will make sure that your labeling needs are met. Every labeling need is different from the type of package to be labeled to the range of speed needed. A custom labeler can be fashioned to apply pressure sensitive labels to almost any package like cardboard boxes, cartons, food containers, glass bottles, and shrink wrapped products just to name a few.

Custom labeling systems can be applied to a specific location on each item. Custom systems can be designed to apply labels to the fronts and backs of objects, labels that wrap around cylindrical objects, or around corners of boxes, and to print and apply pressure sensitive labels with one system instead of a secondary machine. This means production and shipping moves quicker and are more accurate.

Keeping Track Of Inventory Using Custom Label Machines

Labeling packages was once a basic part of product manufacturing; however the modern label is used for data tracking. This needs to be taken into account when purchasing or getting a label machine custom built. Keeping track of inventory using labeling has become an increasingly complex process over the years. Increased inventory loads have led to the need for streamlined data tracking as well as mass production, processing, packaging and shipping have added to the labeling game. Labeling has become a way to inventorying each item, tracking a package, and fulfilling shipping requirements.

Time spent manually handling each item is decreased when using a custom labeling system. Manually Instead inserting packing slips in each shipping carton becomes a thing of the past. With a custom labeling machine, packing slips can be printed along with shipping labels. The machine can then fold the slip to hide sensitive information and apply it to the box. This also helps on the receiving end as the receiving party can quickly check the packing slip with emptying the carton in order to update inventory.

There are a variety of custom labeling machines to choose from. There are some companies that will build unique systems requiring specialized knowledge and parts to be maintained by a professional. Other systems are built using a standard core unit and core engine that cuts down on maintenance.

The benefits of customized labeling systems are vast including getting higher accuracy for label placement. The easy integration of systems is beneficial for any business owner to handle and the better tracking options provide a safeguard for the shipping end of the business. Less manual handling off the product means needing less workers and therefore cutting costs. The benefits of a custom label machine are well worth the research and purchase costs.

Adam Simpson