Man Saves Baby Toucan, Captures First 42 Days of Life on Video

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Andy Hoo, from Indonesia, found a baby toco toucan egg abandoned and decided to take him in and capture his growth from day one to 42.

Hoo wrote that he took the toucan in because the birds’ parent threw away the egg.

“I want to save this life,” Hoo wrote. “So, this is my first experience about Toucan, and i just want to share with all animal lovers.”

This baby toucan comes straight from the egg with no feathers or covering and Hoo captures each day of its life. The baby bird can lift his head by day two. He decides to name his new buddy Jacky. Incredibly, by day nine, the bird begins to show a bit of feathers coming from his body. By day 15 you can really see the bird is beginning to get some coloring and is bigger than Hoo’s hand. Originally the bird was the size of an ordinary egg. In just 10 more days, the bird’s entire body is covered with feathers!

At the end of the six-week period that Hoo films his new toucan friend, the bird can jump in his hand, flap its wings and eat by himself.

Nature is truly incredible.

Video Credit: andy_hoo_brankass | Instagram