How a webinar can enhance your business and marketing efforts

February 19, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Webinars are referred to as a web-based seminar that are used for presentations, lectures or workshops transmitted over the web through video. The benefits of using a webinar or web conferencing are more than just a handful for any business professional looking to succeed. It’s not only a means of communication, but people can work remotely from the convenience of the office or home to connect with another party in any part of the globe. The webinar is a unique, affordable and lucrative tool that can help your business gain the much needed exposure to drum up more business.

Nowadays webinars are utilized consistently and the technology is there today to use it. Personal computers (PC), laptops and mobile devices are one of the many points of access to attend these informational web conferences with an internet connection. Before throwing yourself at the pack of wolves you need to have established a clear vision and have the necessary expertise to provide valuable insight for your targeted audience.

Once you have found the topic of interest that offers valuable knowledge you can start planning your first free webinar. It is important to map out your timeline and to carefully choose your provider. A modern webinar platform should offers a host of benefits like one click meeting recording, full desktop sharing, social media integration and so on. Choosing a webinar provider really depends on the sheer size of your business and how may webinars you want to run.

So what are the advantages to webinars? According to a ClickWebinar, the maker of web conferencing and video conferencing systems, a blog post explained that webinars can effectively promote the business and increase sales.  They help get information about the attendees and you can potentially tap into potential clients who want your services. Furthermore, webinars are a great way to exhibit your energy, passion and excitement about what you do, which is one great way to promote your brand.


Tips, tricks and creative ways to promote webinars

Before diving into deploying your webinar campaign make sure it is what you want and improves your business outreach. If you are not a fan of technology and wish to avoid it well you cannot ignore this money-making method. The digital economy is a frontier to invest and tap its potential.

To get started you have to come up with a systematic way of going about organizing webinars. A post by Convince and Convert explains the steps to host a successful webinar. For example, some of the steps are the following:

  • Choose a topic or headline that catches attention
  • Choose and set up the webinar with a preferred platform or provider
  • Create an effective landing page on your website or blog
  • Create a list of where you will release the information (social media, press release, blog, etc)
  • Shoot a one to two minute video highlighting the general goals of the webinar

These are just a handful of the steps to use as a guide. Do not expect to hit a home run out of the park on your first webinar. It may be just a few people attending, but the goal is communicating information that is useful and in return you gain intelligence from the participants.

The global crisis has forced many new or existing professionals to think outside of a traditional system of making ends meet. The webinar is of course an optional tool, yet it has more than just potential to generate sales and revenues. So with that being said you have to be authentic, original and unique when making a pitch via this platform.

One noteworthy American author and entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, knows the foundations and pillars to delivering “magnetic webinars“. Beyond being a best-selling author for the New York Times he offers a 35 page marketing report that includes 10 compelling tips:

  1. Create a compelling registration page
  2. Promote it everywhere
  3. Remind those who have registered
  4. Start on time
  5. Know your audience
  6. Be passionate!
  7. Keep things interesting
  8. Content, content, content
  9. Call to action
  10. Finish strong and follow up

You can download the report by simply entering your email to review the entire report. The tips to highly stress from the ten for starters is starting the webinar on time. There is nothing worse than starting late and is a cardinal sin. You need to be considerate of other people’s time and that can make the worse first impression.

One that perhaps gets a bit overlooked or neglected is to really find your voice and audience. This is one of those things you will have to conduct some research on your own and figure out in order to target well these webinars.

Everything we do has to be injected with electrifying passion because the sky’s the limit. Nobody who wants to make an everlasting impact was praised for having lackluster energy during a presentation, speech, and even during a webinar.

Finally, as a business sometimes you have to go outside of a local market to find more clients. Naturally if you are not fluent in other languages you may need the services of a translator or an interpreter. How does this overlap with a webinar? It may come as a surprise but hiring or utilizing a multi-lingual professional may make the all the difference for the business. Having him or her participate in the webinar you will save tons of money and time. For instance, Business News Daily explains five creative ways of just how web conferencing can help you grow your business.

Takeaways from launching your webinar

Now that you have all of this essential information you need to organize every step of the process from start to finish. Remember that behind every new technology there is a learning curve that goes with it and you must be mentally ready to constantly adjust to changes on-the-go. Have a clear vision from what you want the webinar to be and be perceived as an optimistic professional with a tint of charisma.  

Behind success there is a story that includes a narrative filled with challenges and struggles. Keep your mind opened to the possibility that it may not have a big payoff. However, you will be connecting with unknown aspiring professionals from different disciplines who can fill you in on what is happening in the marketplace and who knows if they may add the missing pieces to catapulting your business goals. Nothing will come if you don’t try.

New technologies are viable instruments that the business can potentially use. A webinar can be fantastic for marketing, training and promoting the business. It is an educational tool and every one of the parties involved sits to gain something. Any webinar you decide to attend and offered by a legitimate source is going to be a meaningful exchange about any given topic. The undeniable characteristic of web conferencing is that it really humanizes the entire experience and comes really close to how it feels meeting someone face to face.