Houston Police Reveal What Missing Journalist Told Them When She Was Found

January 9, 2018 Updated: January 9, 2018

When Courtney Roland, a sports journalist, was found after she went missing over the weekend, officials recalled what she had told them.

“When our people were talking with her she seemed pretty confused about everything,” police Lt. Manuel Cruz Jr. said, CBS News reported.

She sent nonsensical texts to her mother, and her roommate later told police on Sunday that she went missing in Texas. It was revealed that she suffered memory loss to a reaction from medication, and she’s currently being evaluated in a nearby hospital.

“We believe she was confused because of a reaction to medications that she had been taking,” Houston Police Capt. Mark Lentini told NBC News.

Roland, 29, was spotted walking under the Interstate 610 overpass in western Houston by a passerby who saw reports that she had gone missing. Reports later said that she was found near the Galleria shopping mall.

When she was found, she had minor injuries but was otherwise fine, the CBS report said.

“We do not suspect any foul play or any kind of suspicious activity attached to this incident,” Cruz said. “She appears unharmed. She’ll be taken to an area hospital for an evaluation,” the police department posted on Twitter. “We are not providing the [exact] location where she was found or hospital at this time.”

“She doesn’t remember everything,” he said. “I think in her state of confusion she kind of lost track of time,” he said, adding to NBC: “I don’t think she was aware that she was being looked at as a missing person.”

Roland is a journalist for AggieYell.com, and she was a former intern at NBC station KPRC.

Her friend, Autumn Vara, updated a post on Facebook about finding her. “Courtney has been found by police and about to be reunited with her family,” she wrote. “Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Please respect the family during this emotional time.”


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