Hotel Says There’s No Video of Teen Entering Freezer Before Death

September 20, 2017 Updated: September 20, 2017

The hotel where a woman was found dead earlier this month said there is no surveillance video.

The footage doesn’t exist, a representative for the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center told CBS News.

Kenneka Jenkins, 19, was found dead in the hotel freezer earlier this month.

The hotel said there is no video camera that is trained on the hotel’s freezer, where her body was found Sept. 10.

Jenkins was at a party in the hotel but was later reported missing to the authorities. Her body was found 24 hours later.

Police said that she unintentionally caused her own death by getting stuck inside the freezer.

Her family has been demanding answers and footage.

“I want to see her literally, actually walking into this freezer,” Tereasa Martin, Jenkins’s mother, said a week ago.

The hotel responded to that, saying it’s impossible—as there is no video of that.

Several clips released last week show the woman roaming the hotel for an hour. In one instance, she stumbles out of an elevator and then repeatedly hits a wall in a hallway.

In a round of major updates, police also released recordings of 911 calls as well additional hotel surveillance footage, WGNTV reported.

Jenkins’s mother can be heard frantically searching for her in one of the 911 calls. In another call, police officers are recorded saying that they had found Jenkins and that she was “frozen solid.”


The Rosemont Public Safety Department said police interviewed 25 people, including 16 people who were at the party with Jenkins, according to a press release from the police.

Social media posts are also being investigated.

“This is still an ongoing death investigation we are actively investigating,” a police press release read.

On Friday, Jenkins’s family released a statement through an attorney, saying “serious questions remain” about the circumstances of the girl’s death. The lawyer questions why it took 36 hours to find the girl after she was reported missing.