Hospital Covers Up Death of Baby

September 21, 2007 Updated: September 21, 2007

Xu Tianhan was eight months old when he died in the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiamusi University in Heilongjiang Province. He had just received an infusion. Tianhan's body was taken from his family by hospital staff, mobsters and police officers. Five family members were beaten. Tianhan's grandmother Wang Guizhi said that the hospital often had similar incidents of treating human life with total disregard. However, under the protection of various interest groups and mob bosses, the hospital continued to go unpunished.

Baby Died While Receiving Infusion

Wang is almost 70 years old. She sadly told her story to an Epoch Times reporter. Her grandson Tianhan was taken to the home of his uncle for a visit on March 28. Tianhan did not feel well that evening. The next morning, Wang took her grandson to the First Affiliated Hospital of Jiamusi University. Blood tests at the hospital showed normal white blood cell levels. Tianhan's body temperature was also normal. Ultrasonic checks also did not show any abnormalities. Wang wanted Tianhan to have a complete medical exam. She requested that he be hospitalized.

Wang's son was seriously wounded and left lying in the hospital without treatment. (Photo provided by interviewee)
Wang's son was seriously wounded and left lying in the hospital without treatment. (Photo provided by interviewee)

Tianhan was given an infusion in the pediatrics ward . Just as they were beginning to attach the second bottle of medicine, Tianhan's face changed color. He became pale and lost consciousness. His vital signs became weak. By 8 a.m. he had died. The hospital did not record the cause of Tianhuan's death. The official hospital records claimed they had given Tianhan medicine as part of an emergency procedure.

“When my grandson's face changed color, I immediately called for the doctors in the hallway, but only two or three nurses responded to my calls,” said Wang. By the time Director Wang Haiyan of the Pediatrics Department came, Tianhan had already died. His body was covered with red spots. The doctor told us to remove the baby's body. My son arranged with the hospital directors to have an autopsy performed. With permission from the head of the hospital union, we brought a refrigerator from home to store the body. That night, over 40 people including hospital staff, police and members of the mob came to snatch my grandson's body. They beat us with sticks. Five family members were hospitalized with serious injuries.”

“My grandson died in the morning,” said Wang. “Why did they take his body away that same evening?” According to a hospital staff member, family members of deceased persons with connections to the mob, the government, and/or with international connections are not harassed. For the common man, violence is used without the slightest hesitancy.”

Family members talked about their experience at the hospital. The surgical ward was locked. At least 40 strangers attacked us inside the ward. They had burst through the door. One woman held grandmother Wang while men beat the other relatives. Many family members were seriously injured. Relatives called 911 to summon police to the scene. After only a few cursory questions regarding the incident, the police left with no promise for further action.

“They carried away the refrigerator containing my grandson's body. A camera and a wallet with 2000 yuan and other important certificates were also taken.

Wang's family was very upset when the hospital accused them of “beating and scolding working personnel, vandalizing offices and surgical wards and destroying community property.”

“The mob led by Wang Shuqing, president of the hospital, not only refused to admit their faults but also fabricated false evidence and tried to connect their actions with Falun Gong,” said Wang. “The CCP lies to the people. Those who are deceived by the CCP do not recognize its inherent evil nature. We did not realize how unjust the persecution was against Falun Gong until the same thing happened to us.”

“According to the first hospital attached to University of Jiamusi, the baby died of fulminant epidemic cephalomeningitis,” Wang told The Epoch Times. “But expert testimony from another hospital, the second hospital attached to Harbin Medical University (assigned by the Health Department of Jiamusi city), indicated that the baby died of infection of fester uremia. That is, the baby died of a fatal illness.”

“Officers in the Propaganda Department of Jiamusi city also told lies,” said Wang. “They invented an excuse that the situation was very serious. They tried to hide truth. They also had other administrative units support their lies in order to close the case.”

This May, Wang appealed with her two sons to the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health in Beijing. They were refused admission by the Ministry of Public Security. They were received by the Ministry of Health, but the officers told them that the case would soon be closed.

Wang said they had contacted several news agencies in Helongjiang Province, but none had dared to report the case.