Horse Pops Into Australian Retirement Village to Make a Visit

December 14, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

The residents of a retirement home in Sydney had a pleasant surprise recently when a horse dropped by to pay them a visit.

The 17-year-old horse named Bushman visited a retirement home run by Christadelphian Aged Care in the suburb of Padstow Heights on Dec. 5, reported ABC News.

The below video shows how the Appaloosa horse was welcomed by residents. Many of them used to get around via horse when they were younger.

“Pet therapy is an important part of our lifestyle program at Southhaven as it brings such joy to residents and helps start conversations about the past, but we had never had a horse visit before!” the home’s manager Peter Jessing told ABC News.

Jessing said Bushman rekindled fond memories for those who grew up with horses on farms and used to ride them.

“They are still talking about it now,” said the manager of the horse’s visit. “Nearly everyone has some sort of connection with horses, having used to ride them to school, taken lessons or had an experience with them when they went on holidays.”

The video on the Christadelphian Aged Care Facebook page has so far had over 50,000 shares and attracted comments from around the world.

“Why can’t more pets visit hospitals and resident homes!! It’s proven that it bright[ens] up the spirits of every one!!  We should fight for that!! For kindness and happiness,” wrote one Facebook user in California.

“Horses are such healing giants,” said another from Arizona.

“Simply awesome. I hope someone does that for me someday!” said a Canadian from Ontario.

Jessing said they have been encouraged by the responses the video has received.

“We are so excited that the visit was able to bring joy to more people than just our residents,” said Jessing.

Bushman is a specially trained horse who is a part of the Travelling Horse organization, which sees him visiting retirement homes around the Australian state of New South Wales.

Watch this video below on how horses can help veterans overcome PTSD.

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