Horrifying Footage Captures Man Falling to His Death After Posing for Pictures

January 9, 2018 Updated: January 9, 2018

The horrifying moment a man fell off of a cliff while posing for a picture was captured on video.

The footage from a surveillance camera captured Halil Dag, a 38-year-old Turkish citizen, falling from Urfa Castle in Turkey’s south.

Halil lost his balance and fell 164 feet (50 meters), reported Yeni Safak.

He was rushed to the nearby state hospital but soon perished from severe injuries suffered from the plunge.

The footage shows Halil stumbling, then falling head-over-heels toward the edge of a cliff while scrambling to grab on to something that could halt his descent.

However, he failed and soon went over the edge.

Asian Age reported that the body was interred at the local Abdurrahman Dede Cemetery.

From NTD.tv

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