Honoring All Our Heroes

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

With Memorial Day approaching, it’s a good time to honor our fallen heroes as well as our current day ones.

Our heroes fought shoulder-to-shoulder with every color and every religion to abolish slavery in the Civil War.

They fought Nazi Germany to save the Jews. Some Christians even hid Jews, putting their own lives in danger.

Our heroes ran into burning collapsing buildings on 9/11. Police officers, firefighters, and EMT were first on the scene to save lives, and risk their own lives doing so.

Speaking of police officers and firefighters, they risk their lives every day to help total strangers. Their families never knew on any given day, if their loved ones would return to them at the end of their shifts.

Teachers can be heroes by teaching our children about this true history, and to be proud of our country, sing patriotic songs, and celebrate Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day.

There are many current-day heroes that try to preserve and save our lives every day. What motivates people to want to be doctors, nurses, aides, psychotherapists, and medical researchers and work long hours, sacrificing themselves and their families for us! I believe God puts a calling in their hearts to do these jobs; no amount of money can compensate for their endless tireless hours of dedication, especially working with COVID-19 patients.

Let’s take the opportunity to thank them personally when we meet up with them in our everyday lives.

We are so lucky in Florida to have a true “hero” leading our state. “Rock Star” Governor Ron DeSantis is a fearless fighter for our state’s residents. He protects our freedoms and liberties.

We all can be an everyday “hero” to our veterans and our community. There are many organizations in Martin County that have volunteer opportunities for us, and letter-writing programs for our military to show our support for them.

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves!” God Bless all our Veterans!

Janet Wenz