Honey Singh: Rapper ‘Yo Yo’ Recently Reported Dead, And Now Victim of Drinking Rumors

Honey Singh, who was recently the victim of a death rumor, now appears to have been hit with rumors that he was singing while drunk at a party.

Yo Yo Honey Singh, the young Pubjabi rapper, was allegedly dead after getting in a nasty car accident but later took to Twitter to tell his fans and others that the report was false.

Now he’s hitting back about the claim that he was drunk at a party.

“I went to that club for the party because it was my friend Imtiaz Khatri’s cousin’s birthday. At the party she insisted that I sing a song for her birthday. So I did. But not after having drinks, as reported. I’d sing for any friend’s happiness. I don’t have to get drunk to do so,” he told Indian Express.

“I used to be the occasional social drinker earlier. But now my intake of alcohol has ceased completely. I want to be fighting fit for the boxing ring,” he said. Singh is training to fight in the Global Fighting Championship league that he recently started.

Honey Singh added: “When I did that song I never expected it to be such a rage. I never do any song with any expectation. I guess having Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar in the song has given it that extra edge.”


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