Honey Singh Dead in Car Accident? Nope, Rapper ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ is a Victim of a Death Hoax and Still Alive

Honey Singh did not die in a car accident as was rumored via social messaging applications.

The apps frequently spread fake stories in order to generate clicks and try to get people to sign up for them.

Singh, the Punjabi rapper who sometimes goes by “YoYo,” told fans that he is alive and well.

“News of YoYo’s accident is a fake rumour must be spread by some haters,” he said via Twitter.

“Please don’t bother and Keep blessing YoYo.”

The rumors started after a picture showed Singh lying on a hospital bed in a seemingly critical state.

The picture was spread via the aforementioned social media messaging apps, which claimed that Singh had perished after a car accident.

Recently, he said he’ll launch a boxing club in Dubai.

“Film actors, sportspersons, musicians, socialites, royalty and just personal friends…they were all here. I want this to be one of the biggest sporting events from India,” he said a few days ago, according to IBN-Live. “Just as I have broken the monopoly of film music as being synonymous with popular music in our country, I want to prove that cricket is not the only glamorous sport,” he continued.

“In October I’ll be bringing the GFC to India. We want to take boxing to the level of cricket. But for that, I need to give serious time to this endeavour. Luckily, I have a bank of 200 songs ready,” he added. “So I don’t have to worry about where my next song is coming from,” Yo Yo said. 

A spate of other celebrities and artists have been victims of similar schemes recently, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Norman Reedus.

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