Honest Supermarket Worker Returns $1,500 He Finds in Wallet

August 21, 2017 Updated: August 21, 2017

It would have been easy for a parking lot attendant at a supermarket in Beaumont, Texas, to pocket the $1,500 he found in a lost wallet. But Kameron Grigsby, 17, is very honest.

“I turned it in,” he told ABC’s 12News. “My first mind was this could be somebody’s bill money, car note, house note, or mortgage.”

Grigsby is a senior and a football player at Central High School in Beaumont, almost 80 miles northeast of Houston.

He works at HEB supermarket, and said this isn’t the first time he’s returned customers’ valuables.

“The phone was at the front of the cart, you know, like they were waiting to check out and forgot to grab it,” Grigsby told 12News, recounting some other times he’s returned lost property.

“[A] purse was in a bigger basket at the bottom, one of the kids must’ve had it or something. The woman with the phone, she came right back so I was able to give it to her, and she said thank you.”

There are a lot of things a teenager could do with $1,500. For Grigsby, though, it was a question of morals—and what type of person he wanted to be.

“You can always do the right thing, like our coach says, the right way,” he told 12News. “You don’t have to always go astray. Stay on the right path and stay focused.”

So the next time anyone shops at HEB in Beaumont, they know they can count on at least one honest parking lot attendant to return their things if they leave something behind.

“God’s going to give it to me three times more, so why not give it back,” Grigsby said.

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