Honest and Positive Journalism

November 12, 2019 Updated: November 12, 2019

What a MARVELOUS PAPER you are putting out. I have told all of my friends on Facebook, and all of my email friends too, about The Epoch Times.

As an older senior citizen, my husband and I had just quit subscribing to any of the newspapers around because they are so LIBERAL in nature. We have been so impressed with your paper and I read it from front to back.

It is so great to read some honest and positive journalism for a change. It gives us the other side of the story that the news media never tells you.

Our country is in so much danger of collapsing that I fear for my grandchildren and their future. God Bless you and all of your staff as you strive to put some honest and thoughtful truth out in the world.

Mr. & Mrs. Wolfe
McCoy, Texas