Homeowner Notices His Dogs Were Wet—What He Saw on Security Camera Shocked Him

May 23, 2018 Updated: September 28, 2018

An Arizona homeowner thought something was wrong when he noticed his dogs were wet in the backyard. He quickly checked the security camera and was surprised at what had happened to the two pups.

Jay Becerra noticed something was strange when his two dogs Smokey and Remus were running around wet. His wife Laurie said the dogs can be a “little rambunctious” at times, which can lead to some pretty dangerous situations, according to her Facebook post.

That was what happened on April 29.

The two pups were playing around the pool and Smokey fell in. Laurie said the pup knew how to swim, but was not a good swimmer.

(Fox – 5 DC via Video Elephant)

His friend Remus can be seen in the video pacing along the side of the pool looking distressed. His several attempts to pull Smokey out of the pool were unsuccessful. Smokey also started struggling and was at risk of drowning.

Quick-thinking Remus then jumped into the water and used his body to push Smokey out of the pool. Both dogs managed to get out of the ordeal unharmed.

Laurie said Remus, who actually belongs to her daughter, may be a crazy pup but he was a hero.

“[H]e’s got a heart of gold! My hero,” she wrote on her Facebook post.

In her post, she said her husband went into the house for a few minutes and the dogs managed to squeeze through the pool fence. She added that the dogs usually played around the pool with no incidents.

“He normally will just sit on [the] step. He has fallen in once before while we were out there and my son showed him the stairs to which he swam,” Laurie wrote in reply to a comment on Facebook.

“He does not have access to the pool when we’re not out there but Remus was visiting and he loves to swim and they must have busted through the side fence. It’s definitely been more reinforced since this incident.”

The incredible rescue quickly became an online sensation. The video has been viewed over 196,000 times and has garnered over 1,200 reactions at the time of writing.

Many social media users praised the dogs for their intelligence.

“So amazing, dogs are so smart. I loved how Remus was trying to show Smokey where the steps were then realized he couldn’t get to them so he jumped in! Simply amazing!!!” one social media user said.

“I love how Remus follows up the rescue by going over to smokey to make sure he’s ok,” another social media user said.

Laurie said on Facebook they have since bought Smokey a life jacket and will only allow the dogs to be around the pool under supervision.


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