Homeless and Stranded After Wuhan’s Makeshift Hospitals Close

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When Wuhan’s makeshift hospitals and quarantine sites first went up, workers were recruited and promised 720 yuan ($101.16) a day for their service. But after the hospitals and quarantine sites closed down in early March, the money disappeared as well. Now, these workers have become homeless and stranded in the locked down city of Wuhan.

Man 1: Hello, friends on the internet.
Since yesterday, we have been told that we will be paid.
We have been on the street.

Man 2: Tenfei Company

Man 1: We were here to work for epidemic prevention.
We were working in the quarantine ward to take care of the patients, to feed them, and wash them.
Now the epidemic is over.
They don’t pay us, the company does not pay us either.
We have been waiting in vain.
On this road.
We were just staying here through the night.
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