Homeland Season 4 Spoilers: Brody Replaced by Quinn in Carrie’s Life?

March 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Homeland season 4–which still doesn’t have an official release date–is being developed right now and fans are wondering what’s going to happen in the new season.

Brody is dead and Carrie is left pregnant, and without a man in her life.

Some have put forward the belief that Quinn will replace Brody in Carrie’s life, a question TVLine posed to showunner Alex Gansa a while back.

“I think if there is romantic energy between them it’s at a very nascent state,” he said. “Carrie’s emotions have been engaged elsewhere, so it’s unclear how she feels about him. I think it’s pretty clear how he feels about her. But whether Carrie Mathison is going to be emotionally available for a romantic entanglement is another question entirely.”

From other discussion of the show, we know that both Quinn and Saul will be back for season 4.

However neither, nor anyone else, will be able to replace Brody as the main male lead, Gansa told TVGuide.

“I don’t think anyone can replace Brody or replace Damian’s primary importance on the show,” he said. ‘I think that is all going to squarely land on Claire Danes’ shoulders now. It’s really her show, and where Peter Quinn fits into that, where Fara fits into that, and where Saul fits into that is going to be a process of discovery.”

Saul is going to be back as a private contractor who may join Carrie in a foreign capital as she becomes a case officer.

“As she mentioned to Sen. Lockhart, she gets to choose her own people. So Quinn, Fara … Virgil and possibly Max may come along with her,” Gansa said. “We get to bring some of our familiar faces overseas.”

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