Homeland Season 4 Rumored Start Date (+Spoilers for Showtime Series)

January 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Homeland will return to Showtime for a season 4, although a specific premiere date hasn’t been announced.

Based on the start dates of the previous three seasons, it’s rumored that season 4 will begin near the end of September or the first week of October.

Here’s some of the spoilers and information that has come out about the upcoming season:

-Saul (Many Patinkin) will be back as a primary character.

“I can tell you that with 100 percent certainty,” showrunner Alex Gansa told Entertainment Weekly. “Although he’s not at a desk at Langley anymore, the CIA does outsource a lot of jobs to private contractors. He’s going to be in that circle, he’s still in the intelligence-gathering profession and the CIA could use somebody of his immense skills and knowledge for various intelligence work.”

-Brody will not be back–he is dead, which will spur “a major reinvention or reboot for season 4,” Gansa said.

There’s a small chance Brody could appear in a dream or flashback scenario, but Gansa said that it “highly doubtful.”

-Carrie will likely become a case officer, which is what she is trained to do.

“This show is fundamentally about a field operative, and we really haven’t seen her much out in the field operating,” David Nevins, president of entertainment at Showtime, recently told reporters. ”The likely plan for next year is that you will see her on the ground in a foreign capital doing her job.”

-Dana and Jessica will no longer be series regulars, but could appear in a few episodes.

” Carrie might circle back and connect with one of them for this reason or that — the main reason being to inform them exactly why and how Brody died, which right now has to be kept as a very tightly held secret,” Gansa said. “The last thing the Revolutionary Guard or the Ayatollahs in Tehran would want to hear is that this was actually a CIA operation. It has to play out that Brody was out of his mind when he killed Akbari. That has to be the official story so that whatever delicate peace negotiations transpire can move forward.”

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