Homeland Season 4 Premiere Date: Air Date for Episode 1 Revealed?

February 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Homeland season 4 premiere date has been unclear ever since the last episode of season 3 aired on December 15, 2013.

But the air date of episode 1 now appears on Google.

It’s worth noting that in a similar situation for Orange is the New Black, the premiere date for the next season was wrong.

However, it is something to go on, at least.

The air date on Google is October 19, 2014.


Check out some of the spoilers revealed for the upcoming season so far below:

Producer Alex Gansa spoke with both Variety and E! Online about the plans for season 4. For those that haven’t finished season 3 yet, there are spoilers included.

Here’s some things Gansa said could or will happen in season 4:

-Saul is definitely coming back as a series regular, although he’ll be in the private contractors circle, not at his desk at Langley

-Carrie is going to have to deal with the child. “We never thought she was going to have a miscarriage or have an abortion. This child is how Brody spiritually remains in the show,” Gansa said, referring to Brody dying the season 3 finale.


-Carrie could become a case officer in a foreign capitol, which is what she is trained for. “That seems to us like a really interesting place to start to reinvent the show.”

-Javadi could come back and play a major role. “One of the great things about season to season is how much time passes. We could jump ahead quite far — or not. And all those decisions will reverberate, and one of those is whether Javadi will come back and play a major role in season 4, or is there some new challenge Carrie will have to confront.”

-Dana and Jessica could appear in a few episodes. “Carrie might circle back and connect with one of them for this reason or that — the main reason being to inform them exactly why and how Brody died, which right now has to be kept as a very tightly held secret.”

-Brody could appear in a dream-flashback scenario. “I would say highly doubtful. But you never know.”

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