Homeland Season 4 ‘Full of Adventure,’ Claire Danes Says (+Videos)

Homeland Season 4 is “full of adventure,” according to star Claire Danes (Carrie).

While attending the Emmy Awards this week, she said a bit about the upcoming season.

“This is the first season is based in foreign territory,” she said, per Carter Matt.

“We’re seeing what espionage work is on the ground. It is full of adventure.”

The new season will see the show focus more on Carrie as she returns to the Middle East to be the station chief in Istanbul.

Carrie will have had her baby by the time season 4 starts, as the show will have jumped in time about six months.

Carrie tells her sister Maggie, who is caring for the child, that she must go back into action.

“They’re sending me back, I don’t have a choice,” she says.

“The show is about the private and public costs of keeping America safe,” executive producer Alex Gansa recently told TVGuide. “That’s the overarching theme of the season.”

Quinn and Saul are still prominent characters, while the host of new characters includes a Pakistani medical student that Carrie tries to recruit (Suraj Shawma of Life of Pi), the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan (Laila Robbins of In Treatement), and the Pakistan station chief (Corey Stoll of House of Cards). 

Gansa also said that Carrie is still trying to deal with the loss of Brody.

[Carrie’s] got a period of grieving to do in coming to terms with what happened at the end of last season, and clearly that’s represented and identified by the child that she had,” he said. “The baby exists as a marker for her emotionally.”

Season 4 is slated to premiere with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, October 5.

Season 4 will have 12 episodes.

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