Home Staging Secrets: See a Complete Living Room Transformation!

Sometimes, staging a home requires little more than some rearranging! Other times, a complete overhaul is necessary. But whether it’s a little or a lot, the right staging technique can really get your home sale-ready.

Today, we’re going to discuss a home that one of my staging classes recently staged in Boston. This living room was dark, dreary and cluttered – definitely not suitable for showing to prospective buyers! Take a look:


In order to transform this room, there were three key steps we had to take:

1. Brighten it up. We did this by removing the curtains. Window treatments can often be a great accent to a room, but in this case they were only making the room appear smaller and darker than it actually was.

2. Remove the unnecessary. We got rid of a lot of clutter – including the unnecessary ottoman, side table, rug, and other knickknacks that were laying around and causing clutter.

3. Add a finishing touch. For a room that appeared so cluttered, it was actually astounding how few decorations there actually were in the room! We added a simple coffee table to balance out the space, and placed a couple of decorative touches, including a small vase with flowers and a candle. It really was as simple as that!

Photo Credits: Cathy Hobbs. Staged by a Cathy Hobbs Home Staging Class

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