Holding the CCP Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity

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April 23, 2020 Updated: April 24, 2020
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Building Under Lockdown After One Virus Carrier Identified

A tenant in a residential building in Harbin was confirmed to have contracted the Chinese Communist Party, CCP virus. After identifying the infected tenant, local authorities decided to lock down the entire building. These are the measures used in Wuhan by authorities under the Chinese regime, and now they’re using the same tactics in Harbin, which has become the new epicenter of the virus.

Internal Documents Reveal Huge Cover-Up of Epidemic in Harbin

The Chinese regime has been covering up and underreporting the amount of infected cases of the CCP virus in Harbin, and there’s evidence to show for it. Harbin has been hit hard with the virus, and according to models, it’s estimated that the real number of confirmed virus cases might be up to 200 times higher than the number officially published by the regime.

Man Lost Mother to CCP Virus Wants to Sue the CCP

In Huanggang, a man pained for losing his mother to the CCP virus pandemic wants to sue the Chinese regime for its lack of transparency and for misleading the public about the severity of the virus. He feels that people in China have been fooled by the regime and now he wants to hold the regime accountable for its lies and negligence.

Canada’s Former AG, Irwin Cotler, Suggests Holding CCP Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity

Canada’s former Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler, stated that the CCP should be held accountable for the pandemic. He suggested targeting the people responsible for the disappearances of whistleblower doctors who tried to warn of the severity of the emerging CCP virus.

Britain, France, and Australia Demand Answer on Virus Origin

Several international government leaders in Britain, France, and Australia are demanding answers about the origin of the CCP virus. The pandemic has already caused great economic hardship and pain to people worldwide. In just two months, the situation has forced countries to re-evaluate their relationships with China and seek to hold the Chinese regime accountable for how it mishandled the outbreak.

Trump’s Live speech – Ventilator Problem Solved. USA Getting Ready to Reopen

During yesterday’s press briefing with the Coronavirus Task Force, President Trump began his speech updating the press about progress in declining and flattening the curve for the CCP virus cases around the country. He also mentioned that Americans are starting to get ready to safely reopen the country.
He went on to say that hundreds of thousands of ventilators are being produced in the U.S. The President spoke to leaders from other countries and they found it incredible that Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force solved the ventilator problem.

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