Hillary Clinton Loses It When Asked About Fossil Fuel Industry Ties: ‘I’m so Sick of It’

March 31, 2016 Updated: March 31, 2016

Hillary Clinton was confronted by a Greenpeace activist about her alleged ties to the fossil fuel industry, drawing an angry reaction from the normally mild-mannered Democratic frontrunner. 

“Will you act on your word to reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign?” the activist asked.

“I do not have—I have money from people who have worked for fossil fuel companies,” Clinton said, pointing her fingers at the activist. “I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I am sick of it!” she said.

Last year, it was revealed that many of the lobbyists bundling money for Clinton had also worked for fossil fuel companies, which gradually morphed into the message that Clinton took money from the companies, which didn’t happen because it’s illegal under campaign finance law. 

Clinton did take campaign donations from individual employees at the companies, which was uncontroversial. 

Previously, Bernie Sanders had implied that Clinton was in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry, in addition to Wall Street. Clinton had received $675,000 for giving three speeches to Goldman Sachs. 

“Just as I believe you can’t take on Wall Street while taking their money, I don’t believe you can take on climate change effectively while taking money from those who would profit off the destruction of the planet,” Sanders said last month.