Hillary Clinton Appears on ‘The Breakfast Club’, Says She Carries Hot Sauce in Her Bag

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
April 18, 2016 Updated: April 18, 2016

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on The Breakfast Club, a New York City based radio show who call themselves “The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show,” and said she carries “Hot sauce” everywhere she goes.

In the 30-minute interview on April 18—hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God—Charlamagne confronted Clinton about being named “Donkey of the Day,” a term he usually gives people who act foolishly or says foolish things.

I’m a Democrat so being donkey of the day is a little bit of a mixed blessing.
— Hillary Clinton, democratic presidential candidate

Clinton was named Charlamagne’s “Donkey of the Day” back in January for being inauthentic about how she reaches black voters. He said she is speaking in a “Grandma trying to be hip kinda way.”

However, Clinton didn’t seem to mind one bit: “I’m a Democrat so being donkey of the day is a little bit of a mixed blessing.”

Minutes before the interview ended, Angela Yee asked Clinton, “What’s something that you always carry with you?” and she responds, “Hot sauce.”

“Really?” DJ Envy exclaimed.

“Yes!” Clinton said, but quickly added it’s strictly for health benefits:

“No seriously, hot sauce. I’ve been eating a lot of hot sauce. Raw peppers and hot sauce,” she said. “Because I think it keeps my immune system strong. I think hot sauce is good for you, in moderation.”

It’s worth noting that “hot sauce” is a Beyonce reference from her song “Formation” where she sang, “I keep hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

The single was released in February and was performed at the Super Bowl.