High School Soccer Coach Arrested for Pimping 17-Year-Old Girls

December 30, 2017 Updated: December 30, 2017

Sacramento County police arrested a high school soccer coach caught trafficking 17-year-old girls for sex.

The 34-year-old Elan Seagraves was captured after a girl called police from the home of a stranger after running for her life, Fox 40 reported. The girl knocked on the door of Vihn Ta at 3 AM on Christmas Day to hide from Seagraves.

“She wouldn’t tell me anything that happened,” Ta told FOX 40. “She just said she needed help, that somebody was chasing her.”

Ta let the girl call police from his home. The girl told him Seagraves had a gun.

“I didn’t see no tears in her eye but she was scared,” Ta said, via Fox 40. “In my mind, I’m like man I’m glad I helped that girl out, because she’s young.”

Police found Seagraves in a parked car, nearby. They discovered another 17-year-old girl in the car with him.

“It is actually tough for someone to go to the door and answer for someone like that, because they don’t know if it’s a ruse,” said Shaun Hampton of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, via Fox 40.

Seagraves coached soccer teams for a nearby high school and was a coach and referee in other youth soccer leagues. He also drove for Lyft and Uber. According to his Facebook page, he is a father. He also wrote that he is a bartender and bartender trainer.

The Sacramento City Unified School District disowned Seagraves in a statement sent to Fox 40:

“We are extremely disappointed in Mr. Seagraves’ unacceptable behavior. While he passed a background check and had no prior offenses when we hired him to coach soccer in our district, we expect more appropriate behavior from someone we trusted to work with our kids. Mr. Seagraves will no longer be allowed to work with our kids in any capacity.”

Uber and Lyft also told Fox 40 that Seagraves will no longer be permitted to login to their apps.

According to The Sacramento Bee, Seagraves is in jail on $2 million bail. He was charged with three felonies: pandering, false imprisonment, and human trafficking.

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